Wednesday, May 31, 2006


  Hello, and Welcome to a new day in the life . I went out and pre-rode the race course for La Tierra torture.It is a good SingleSpeed course. It should be good times. The course has a good mix of stuff: jeep road, loose rock, tight singletrack, arroyo crossings and a boat load of loose sand. Especially if you go off course the least bit.I went up there last week solo. As i was getting ready Black Sheep Paul pulled up. Which was a nice treat to ride with someone. So with map of course in hand we set out to ride the course. We went down the fire road and came across some cool gap jumps and table tops and burms out near the course.

This was a nice gapper

So off we went to the start/finish area and got our bearings and found our way pretty well through the course. I took a few pictures from the ride. Anyone else out there racing this weekend? anywhere? I much rather just ride but once in a while I like to do it.

Paul enjoying the arroyo crossing

Paul blissfully unaware that there is quicksand ahead

That white band behind the black Sheep is energy sucking sand.

This is the last section coming back to the start finish.

  I rode the 26 incher that day and was planning on riding rigid and all that jazz. I am now thinking about racing with the 29er. I rode there again early in the week and it rolled a lot better through the sandy stuff. So I think I am gonna ride the RIG. All right everyone hope you all had a nice Memorial Day Monday. What is in your audio player? I have been digging in the crates again and have been rockin to The Accused-Straight Razor.
  I saw that back in my home town(Bawlmer) they had Bike Jam. It always looked like a good time. I never made it to it. :(


Alyson Wilson said...

crazy-looking course!

Just saw your blog for the first time... good job with it.


gwadzilla said...

did anyone catch any air?

I am a land dweller
always have been

or foot

I tend to be more comfortable on the ground