Sunday, January 01, 2006

Sometimes the right path isn't the best path!

  Well another year has past. Are we the wiser? It has been a interesting year to say the least. Selling our house, Packing up our things, and moving out west. It has been sort of scary but in a good way. I think it is good to shake things up every now and again. I got one last ride in 2 days ago at the Dale Ball trail network in town here in Santa Fe. I liked the ride I was SSolo which had been a while since I rode SSolo, so it was nice. Riding alone is nice for the reason that you can just ride along at your own pace. Tuesday the 27th of December Anthony and I went back to Glorieta to try and ride the loop another way. We parked my car on 63A and proceeded to climb up 63A for 12 miles clocking over 3000 Ft. of climbing.The road is a fireroad that cars can pretty much drive up but after about half way the road gets much worse and big clearance trucks are prolly needed. When you finally top out(10,200) you come to a Old fire tower at the top by Thompson Peak. IT has some Fantastic views from the peak. We took a rest and took in the views. I also gave thanks :).
   Everything to that point was working out perfectly. We started down the singletrack and came to a trail juncture where we decided to go down Baldy trail instead of the Glorieta Baptist center trail. This turned out to be a Mistake. The descent was a killer one but it took us way off course. We didn't have a map which would of been Wise. Luckily we came across a hiker that was pretty far out and he had a map. We consulted the map and saw that we had made our way back towards Santa Fe. Luckily for us Anthony lives on that side of town and so we made our way back to his house and drove his truck back up to Glorieta to pick up my car.
  All in all the ride was near 30 miles It was a real blast. Next time I will finally do the loop right and ride back to my car. Well here are a few pictures from the nice ride at glorieta.
   I hope everyone had a nice New Years eve. What is in your audio player? I have One Self- Children Of Possibility. I wonder if I will get out for a New Years day ride today?
Puffy Clouds

The bikes needed a rest

The fire tower unchanged since 1940

A nice meadow

A nice section

Pine needle bed

Anthony sliding through it

A parting self timer shot

I saw a great documentary the other night called The Corporation. Truly amazing how corporations don't have to answer to a Democracy.


iconoclasst said...

Nice shots and write up, yet again.

Yeah, The Corporation is a real eye opener. If you found that interesting, there's also this.

Hope '06 is good to you.

Tim Wise said...

Thanks for the book tip, i will get that. I loved your last entry about going to get the wheel. Peace to you and yours in 2006.

riderx said...

Sounds like a sweet ride. Always fun to take the unknown path!

Tim Wise said...

Yeaa Joe. I can't wait to take you and Julie on some rides here some day. Happy new year to ya.

Jill said...

Wow ... great descent pictures. That must be a crazy climb going up some of those slopes.