Sunday, December 25, 2005

Farolito Walk

  The Holidays....... What a time of year. A time when we are supposed to be good Americans and consume until we explode.
  Christmas eve I had to work. I decided to ride the bike in because I was going to meet Autumn and Ella and her dad and assorted other characters after I got off work for the Farolito Walk. About 25,000 people show up for this cool thing in town where everyone puts luminarias out everywhere and light farilitos in the street. It all happens on Canyon rd. and the area around like Acequia Madre. People Will just be huddled around a fire that they build right there on the street out of Pinon wood and they will sing Christmas carols. It sounds whacky but the vibe was really good. Any way Hope everyone is Chilling with some good friends and doing things that make you smile.
  Here are a couple shots from our walk.

A lot of luminarias

  What is in your audio player? I have Ruben Romero- Adobe Christmas in, to keep in with the festivus vibe.

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gwadzilla said...

was your camera on mushrooms?