Friday, January 20, 2006

3rd Time's a Charm

Good day to you all. Last week Anthony and I went back to Glorieta to make good on a loop that has been alluding us. Well we finally did the loop proper and it felt good. The singletrack coming down from the fire lookout down to Glorieta center was incredible. It gave you a little bit of everything. On our way back down we met a older couple hiking up. We got to talking to them,They had been living in Santa Fe for 6 years now and had moved here from MD(Bethesda area). It Is amazing how many people Autumn and I have met from the MD- DC area since we got here. It was nice talking with them. They said after 6 years they are still stoked to be here.I guess now is as good a time as any to show some shots from the ride.
Here is a shot from the car at the bottom of 63A

Ohhh the climb

There are a couple of downhills during the pull up 63A that break up the 3000 ft of climbing that you do.

Then of course it is right back to climbing.

  You get to the top and rest and enjoy the good vibes of having just climbed 3000 ft. This is a guy we met at the Peak he was with his dog and a friend. Sadly he was saying that were we where there should be a few feet of snow. It is sooooo dry here below the 4 corners area. We need some precip badly. :(

  After talking with the couple and there doggy we decided to begin our journey downward. This time we made the left turn onto Glorieta Baldy trail instead of taking Baldy trail towards Apache Canyon. The first part of the descent is Very steep. Lots of loose rock switchbacks with stairstep ledges.After that it mellowed out a bit. This section I liked because it was little like east coast riding. Riding on a pillow of pine needles. Even a log pile or 2 thrown in.

After riding up and down along ridge line we came to a really nice spot to give thanks.

Everyone venturing into the back country should have a extra sock with them!

After a short break we continued on. The trail on this last part became real fun with big rock type of stuff

Anthony's cockpit

Then back to the car for a much deserved brew... Ahhh . We all know how biking makes everything taste better.

  I rented a couple more movies this week One was the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou which was pretty darned funny. The other was Hell's Highway.
  What is in your audio player? After Hamad said he was listening to rosalia de souza I decided to bust out some Brazilian tunes as well with someGilberto Gil. K off to work , Peace


hamad said...

once again great shots. did you ever think about submitting any of them to BIKE mag?
have the new jim croce spinning...have you heard jim croce live

Tim said...

I've been enjoying your posts and photos recently. I lived in Santa Fe from early '92 to late '96, and loved riding there. Your photos really take me back. Scary, though, how little snow you have right now. Could be a very nasty fire season ahead.

I used to frequently ride up Aspen Vista to Tesuque Peak, often descending through the ski area and down the Windsor Trail. One low-snow year, I rode up to the peak in December simply because it seemed like an unprecedented opportunity. (Maybe it was just the beginning of a trend.) Had to push my bike over ice and snow only the last 3/4 mile or so. Awesome stuff.

Man, I'd love to do another ride in the SFNF and wrap up the day with a green chile cheeseburger.

Tim Wise said...

Yeaa Tim, i have done Aspen Vista to Big Tesuque down to Winsor. That is a fun run. I wish i was boarding up there, but they barely have a base up there.Going to go hit Wolf Creek in a couple weeks though. :) Who had your favorite green chili cheeseburger?

Jay said...

Hey Tim. Jay in B'more chiming in. I've been enjoying your blog, and been meaning to touch base.

Sorry to hear about the RIG. I too made that mistake. One minute I was holding a spare sock & the next I was pulling into my Mom's garage w/ my bike on the roof. Did more damage to the house & car than my bike. It was a Raleigh first mtb & about as heavy as a freakin' Panzer tank.

It looks like you've found yourself a little piece of paradise out there, and taking full advantage! I'm sorry to hear the snow gods aren't smiling down on you, but the riding sure looks great!

I'm chillin' to the work of Mark Sandman (Morphine), looking forward to my next ride.


Tim Wise said...

LOL! spare sock . Good to hear from ya. I Saw from Joes site you had some probs on the last road ride. Didn't Mark Sandman die? He was good. Later Jay

Yuri said...

looks like a sweet ride and nice extra sock.

Tim said...

Sorry man, I haven't checked in and read your comments for a while. Bad move on my part, because passing along good cheeseburger joints isn't something that should be overlooked.

There used to be a place on Guadalupe called Bert's (or Burt's?) Burger Bowl. Kind of a grease pit, but good green chile cheeseburgers. Lotaburger made a decent one, too. I used to work at The New Mexican, so I was one of many low-paid journalists who specialized in finding tasty and cheap food in the downtown area. Dave's Not Here on Hickox was also a favorite -- not for the cheeseburgers, but just in general.

One of the few drawbacks to life in Alaska is the inability to call a pizza delivery place and order a green-chile-and-sausage pizza. Mmm, baby!