Friday, April 02, 2010


   The dirt is soo much more fun for me to ride then the pavement. I rode my mountain bike last weekend for the first time since surgery in White Mesa with a cool crew of people. Matt came and picked me up and we rendezvoused with Kevin and some Two Wheel Drive peoples. Really fun ride and I got to ride some stuff over by the mine that I had never ridden. Want to go back when I can really enjoy all the fun looking features.

One must always stop at the hole when riding White Mesa

   we then turned off the trail that I am used to riding and hit and headed over to towards the mine. It was really a good section that i plan to hit whenever I ride there. A good climb and some good stuff to play on as well.

We biked out to the mine

A mighty climb back up to the regular mesa

Autumn.... She's craftyyyyy

   Today is Good Friday. As we see more and more of how religion is a dangerous farce. Look inward to find morality, you won't find it in a pew.

Vatican Priest Likens Abuse Furor To Anti-Semitism.

Some Albuquerque roots via Broken Bells

                  Have a good one

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