Sunday, March 21, 2010


The Cannondale has seen better days

7 weeks later and I am back on my bike. All though it is just the road bike til April 1. Got a couple road rides in this past week and got a sweet 50 miler in today with Ben and Brian. Finally did that cutover on county road 42 from Galisteo over to 14 above Madrid. It was a great ride I loved that loop. At mile 40 I bonked though and coming back up 14 in the wind became arduous

Brian waits for Ben and I at Oshara

Ben riding into Galisteo

Checking my headset at about mile 41 feeling the bonk. GREAT ride though. Can't wait to do it again this weekend

Since rides have been non existent for 7 weeks. I have no ride photo's to speak of so I thought I would do a retro post or a throw back post if you will. Just grabbed a few old photos to look back at a time well spent.

Man this picure takes me back. This was one of the first times I road the Arroyo trail from St Johns and Jay showed me the Stupa up in the hills. It is a great spot. The IF was still getting some love at the time. Look at those little baby wheels.

This picture was of my first attempt at brewing. It was suppossed to be a Tuppers Hop Pocket recipe. This was in our kitchen in Baltimore

One of the few road rides I ever do. This was one with Anthony. We rode through Bonnanza creek and then on through Las Campanas.

Ohh man. This picture is out front of our Lake Avenue house in the biggest snow storm we had while we lived there.

2 crazy guys I hung with in Jackson Hole. Scary

Jay in the ferns at Frederick Watershed. I miss riding with all those guys. When I went there to ride, I of course had to go to Frederick Brewing

Robert having fun on my first ride at Cedro

Bob is great fun to ride with.... and to drink beer in the parking lot afterward with. Dale Ball Central trails

The thing Autumn,Ella and I miss the most since moving out here.The beach. I think we will have to remedy that soon

Glowing Green Buddha at Cochiti

Blaine riding the Juan trail along little Tesuque creek

One of the nicest guys you will ever meet is Jay. here he is riding on the Dale Ball South trails after coming off Atalaya. I remember this day well. We had a great ride . The weather was primo.

What is in your audio player? I have been enjoying all kinds of stuff from SXSW. I love when bands play stuff that is really different from most other stuff out there.
Freelance Whales at SXSW. I like the way bands will do small shows for the press. It creates a really intimate feel. I remember PJ Harvey did one last year that was awesome.


Anonymous said...

I loved that video you shared. I hadn't heard that band before. Thanks for that!

Ed said...

Welcome back to the riding :-)

I like that video, thanks for posting it.


skipndizzy said...

April 1st you say? Maybe you should wait until the 2nd. Good to see ya back on a bike.

William Schiano said...

it's nice to look back on the trails of life past.