Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Daily Operation

                                                      R.I.P. Guru.
This guy had lyrical skills like no other. Rockin the O's kit too.

Been able to enjoy the comforts of a full carbon Cinelli Machine lately. This bike is really fun to ride. Going to ride it in the Santa Fe Century coming up. Then the next week is The Cochiti 100 which I am going to attempt again.

    A few weeks ago I took our new car to my weekend ride on Upper Canyon to test the new rack I put on the car.I Was heading to Boulder for a show and to meet up with Bill in his hood.
It was my first attempt to ride the Dale Balls for 2010. It was a bit snowy in parts but for the most part was ridable. It is GREAT to be back on the MTB again.

Fit with Picacho in the backround

First views of the Dale Ball trails. Can you spot the tire?

Hazel by Ella

   We headed up to Boulder for The Comunikey fest going on and to meet up with William and Jessica. I have known Bill for some years now. Autumn and Ella and I moved out here 41/2 years ago now and I hadn't gotten up to see them in there hood. This was my first time in Boulder. I have never seen soo many white people. Not much color there. Other then that the town RIPPED. Need to go back and spend some more time there to get a feel. We hit up The Books show Friday night after some pints and a burger at Mountain Sun. The show was killer. Fox theatre is a sweet place for music. Hoping to score a soundboard recording of the show from my coworker who was working at the fest. Proceeded to drink some more after the show we made our way to the Sundown Saloon which is sort of a dive bar but has some goodness on tap and good music playin. Good times sipping on a MahaRaja. Saturday was spent riding bikes at White Ranch. Took a few pictures.

When we got there it didn't look promising. If you look close you might be able to find the hidden item in the picture.

Big climb right off the bat up Belcher

Clouds rolling through

Still climbing Belcher

Started getting cold up top

Bill emerging from a haze

We don't have these signs in New Mexico

Mark enjoying Boulder

Riding Rawhide trail was fun

Rawhide opened up before we got to the juncture we took at longhorn.

Mark works the land

lots of signs and rules

More signs

Bill hittin some crack

Can't wait to get back to Boulder to ride with Bill again. Explore some of the higher up stuff.

   Mark commented on his blog that I was a "family man". It took me back to my time in highschool and listening to this album a bunch.

   Winter won't let go of us here. Thursday's after work ride turned into a raging snowstorm. opinions of this ride varied greatly from that was the worst ride i have ever been on to that was one of the best rides i have ever been on. Funny how people see the same exact thing so differently.

                      carpe diem


ws said...

I need to post pics from that wknd too. What a great show! Thanks for stopping up, it was good to finally have you visit. Next time you need to bring the girls with you. let me know if you score a copy of the show, would love to have that one.

We have people of color here, they are just obscured by the Audi allroad wagons buzzing around.

devin said...

Funny I was just thinking about the new mex crew.. Yea D was amazing and was to young I blame REM. I bet with all the snow you guys had that spring is unreal..
Keep the wheels moving....

ssportsman said...

I love White Ranch!!! It was one of my favorite rides, and of course you know it has to be said.. They've made it so much easier, rerouting belcher....

How was the Sf Century? Did you remember how to shift?