Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Goodnight Moon

Ohh Jay oh Jay
what can i say
you made my day.
Rancilio people

    weather has taken a turn for the worse here in Santa Fe.I guess that depends on what side of the road you are on though. Have gotten some sweet snow rides in all ready. Cabin John Rob and his lovely wife Margaret came for a visit in the beginning of November and as always Rob who doesn't even mountain bike much( mostly a roadie) was up for lots of big rides. When Rob came out, another guy (Steve I think) from MD just happened to be here visiting as well and came along on a ride we did up to Borrego-Bear Wallow and Chamisa-sidewinder.

Mr. Glatz was kind enough to join us on this ride

Rob coming up to the saddle on Chamisa

next 3 taken by Dom

Todd is very happy to see you

Me coming up the rise

Todd playing around in Tesuque Creek

Rob hitting the switchback at the bottom of the Borrego trail

One of the better sections of Sidewinder that has been ruined by someone making it more like the Dale Ball trails.

Steve I believe

Steve hitting the burn on his Niner he rented from Melo Velo

    this year was really fun. We went to trick or treat in a neighborhood close to our neighborhood. There was a party there and the whole house was made up like a haunted house and they had beers for the adult trick or treaters and we had a great time.
Ella and I getting ready to hit up some trick or treating

    in you audio player? I have been digging on some Bibio from the album Ambivilalence Avenue. Thanks Ben.

    other night I hit up a ride after work at the Balls and it was in the 20's and I was freezing but the light and trail was incredible

                   Goodnight Moon

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