Wednesday, December 30, 2009


   Had a great snow ride with Mark the other day. Parked the cars at Sierra del Norte lot and biked up the ski hill road up to Chamisa trail to Sidewinder and then roamed around a bit on sidewinder and juan trail for a while then made our way back to the vehicles.

I love the burn section of the sidewinder trail especially with snow on it... yaaahooo

Down along the snowy banks of little Tesuque creek

   A few days later I hit a ride with Dom and Mark that took us up Bland to medio canyon up to cooperators meadow and above to the road and then back down the way we came till we got back to the saddle and descended medio dia of course.

We were following this guy for most of the ride.

Dom coming up to the pond

Mark letting off some steam

Dom showing it doesn't take 2 hands

Taking breaks and reflecting is one of the things I like about mountain biking

Then it was time to turn around and try it down.
Sometimes it is time for a clementine

I like this shot.

We noticed some discarded Tecate cans that someone decided they didn't need to pack out. Wonder who?

Then we got down to the winklecairn at the saddle above Bland

I Heart Breckenridge

Hope everybody had a sweet Holiday time.

   Mark and Tom from 2nd street put on anther PBE the other day and it was good fun. Anthony stopped plunging toilets to join us. He shot some vid on the fun rock up on the ridge.

To the victor went the spoils

   What is in your audio player? I sometimes don't know where my mind is.



Ed said...

Happy New Year!


The SAC said...

Yeah Dom learned that from me..hahaha! You guys have some awesome rides up in Santa Fe, hit me up next you all come down to Burque, I'm jealous of ya'll!!

Matt said...

Nice riding going on down your way. Damn!