Tuesday, November 17, 2009

melancholy Rides

Prior to the crazyness of the last couple months There were a couple weeks of Aspen color going on. Got a few good rides in to revel at the beauty that is aspens in the autumn time.
The plumber climbing Pacheco Canyon rd

Aspen leaves sprinkled on an evergreen

The Winsor is always a lovely affair

3 peeps and a peep.

spot the rider?

Fall is soo sweet for riding but also somewhat melancholy cause of the approaching winter.

Then there was the NorSki loop we hit from 102 with the Cairnman,the Plumber and Maka

The cairnman climbing up the 102

Nor Ski trail is a great trail to hit when the aspens are hitting

The plumber gives the international symbol for V the tv show

The Plumbers Ahrens

Leaving the Spearhead (free ticks from GeoMan) show the other night there was a fantastic sunset.

What is in your audio player? I am digging this track off of the N.A.S.A album. It is a track with Tom Waits and Kool Keith.

What do you all think about cairns? Goo or bad? If you see this guy let him know your answer.

Hope everybody has or had a good ol' Thanksgiving. I know the 45 million turkeys that are eaten over Thanksgiving won't. : (



Jim Beam said...

Cairns are evil. The cairn destroyer clearly is on the right path - just look at the halo around his head!

Mike Osborne said...
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Mike Osborne said...


After creating this Zazzle mug I googled I heart singlespeed and found you. Maybe you will like it.

YuriB said...

Dub Pistols - quite enjoyable.