Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mid Winter Jicker

   Back in November on Thanksgiving day I had the pleasure to ride the Dale Ball trails with Mike from work and Mark and Matt and his friend Chris .It was a Really fun ride before heading down to Albuquerque for Thanksgiving dinner and visiting with family. We met at Mikes pad up on Acequia Madre and road from there. Good times.

Mike enjoying a Commencal Meta 5 full carbon

Matt climbing the North Dale Balls

Zembo climbing among the pinon

Always a sweet spot for a regroup and a headset adjustment

   A couple weeks later I had an enjoyable ride with Mark and Robert at the Galisteo Preserve Trails. They have added some signage and trail signs at each trail juncture which is nice. Also on the trail map they show some future trails that they are adding. Here is a link to a pdf you can download and print of the trail network and future trails.

Robbie up on the ridge.

Mark on the rock

   While we were in San Francisco over the holidays I of course had to score some Blue Bottle Coffee

   The Blue Bottle we hit is the one on Linden. You can tell when you go there they they have full mastery of the art of Espresso and the love.

On Linden. True Love

   Then into 2010 We went. The first ride I got in was at White Mesa with Anthony. We decided upon White MEsa for the start to our 2010 riding season. Weather was great and we got a nice 15 mile ride in by doing the normal clockwise loop starting on the dragons spine and then taking the center line down and then coming back up the dragons spine.


this is one of the bigger climbs at White Mesa. Particularly tough with ice at the top part of the climb

A bigger HOLE

   Bmore stylee. If you havent been to Pigtown then you really should check it out sometime.

   What is in your audio player? Would love to check out thelatest Dinosaur jr. tour if it is anything like this video.I saw quite a few good dino shows but only one(my first) with Jay Lou and Murph.

   Just had surgery on my shoulder yesterday. Hurting pretty bad. There was a good bit of damage in there he said. All went well though with the surgery. Gonna be off the bike for 4-6 weeks. : (


Ed said...

Sorry about your shoulder, hopefully it'll be good as new soon!


Anonymous said...

Glad the surgery went well and hope everything heals quickly.

Anonymous said...

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