Saturday, October 17, 2009

Good Morning Midnight

Starting off Interbike right. At Bouchon

    Went to my first Interbike right after we got back from Baltimore. Went for 3 days to set up the booth for BTI and walk the floor for a day as well.

   On the second night of building the booth I left for my room after a 16 hour day. It was quite nice to walk the floor at 4 in the morning. Got a couple shots in the empty trade show room.

Some TT shit

   I thought the BMX section of the show was killer. There were all kinds niceness over there .Seems like a ot of the BMX companies are doin a urban fixietrickbike thingy

A room with a view.......sort of?

stopped by the BTI booth in the morning
The back side of the booth had some meetng rooms and a back alley type of feel

Ben was hard at work on the Cinelli side of things

The Gazettas are a new offering form Cinelli this year.It is a more affordable steel track bike that will come a some good colors. Pink being one

Some more TT love

One of my favorites from the show was the PK Ripper.

My first mountain bike was a Marin. I feel like they still put out some cool stuff.

Rock Mountain even jumping into the urban fixie scene

Raleigh looking good

Gotta love some colored tires made for tricksters

I liked this Torelli with the 2 color fade

Penny Farthing disc brake madness

I thought these push bikes were cool

Bianchi beaatches

    Right before Interbike I was back in Baltimore for my fathers memorial service and what not. While there an old Friend Eric brought 2 bikes and and a helmet and everything else i needed to go ride my old stomping grounds. It was a great diversion to what I was there for. Thanks Eric.

Rockin slip-on's,drops and gears for the ride

Eric sans gears and clipless

   If you ever make it to Baltimore get yourself some Ressurection and some Berger cookies

   When we got back from Baltimore I had one day before I left for Vegas so I had a MTB ride with Todd and we decided to ride up the Winsor and points beyond. It was great to get out before getting back on a plane.

The Winsor has theraputic abilities

Coming up to Pacheco Canyon rd

Todd in the burn on the switchback

29er for life

   What is in your audio player? I have Miighty Flashlight in mine thanks to my brother for turnin me on. Been digging it. It has a very "One Foot In The Grave" type of sound.

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William Schiano said...

SWEET PICS TT! PK Ripper?! who would have thought.. I remember when my neighbor got one of their bmx frames when I was a kid and I was envious as hell. It made me ride my crappy frame that much harder though.

Were you guys riding at the loch? Berger cookies even, f'en b-mo T!