Monday, April 13, 2009

New Life

   Winter seems to have returned lately round these here parts
Easter weekend just passed and it was rather snowy and rainy here. It was sort of nice. We had a nice indoor day Saturday getting stuff done around the house. Sunday I watched Paris Robaix then made it out for a trail ride on the Dale Ball North trail round 4:20
It was a lovely ride all by my lonesome

How much do we all love solo rides? I think a lot

I love the Dale Balls

Can you guess the tread pattern?

   A few weeks ago I met Dominic and Mark at Doms pad on upper canyon and we rode our bikes from Upper canyon onto the Dale Ball central trail up to Hyde Park rd and took that up above 10,000 Waves and up to Chamisa trail. From there they let me catch my breath and we proceeded to climb up to the saddle and take Sidewinder to the Burn to the Juan then back around to the Bishops Lodge trails then out to Bishops lodge rd up to Barranca to Sierra del Norte back to Dale Ball north trails down to Dale Ball Central back to Upper Canyon and to Doms swanky pad and awaiting brews.

Chamisa was a bit snowy but fully ridable

Mark had a tough time getting over some of the larger downed trees on the trail

A lovely door on Barranca
   Then it was a couple diferent IPA's that I had not had before. A Sierra IPA called Torpedo and a Rogue Ales Yellow Snow IPA

   What is in your audio player?
I have been still digging on Yeasayer a bunch. Love this track Tightrope

                Have A Great Day
edit: Spring has returned!


Ben said...

DB North is so much fun!!! I'm guessing Kenda Nevegal tread pattern?

Anna said...

That looks awesome!

Krista Park said...

Hi Tim! I am back in town and checking out the ride options. Is there a weekly schedule around? I am guessing I can find a MTB ride if I show up on T&Th evenings at the Hyde Park parking area (Dale Ball trails). Any other options?

Anonymous said...