Friday, May 01, 2009

We Live In Houses Made Of Wood

   "Don't feel bad, I teach spin class and I couldn't make this climb either" This was said to Mark as we hiked up a steep section on the Chamisa trail form the Winsor up to the saddle. This section of trail can be really tuff on the SS after lots of elevation gain all ready under your belt. I have hit the Winsor and Chamisa a bunch lately. I can say it is soo nice to get back into the bigger trees. I got a late start on the ride up the Winsor but ended up reeling in the crew.

Having a drink before hitting sidewinder

Matt coming down the burn

   Bout a month ago Chris from Bike mag was visiting BTI and he was on his way to New York. He wanted to hit up a ride before he rolled out of town. He was testing out some equipment.
That ride was really fun The snow had just started when we began pedaling. It was falling steady but it was a real light snow and it fell really slowly .Quite magical

This Cochiti ride was a good time for sure.

Robert loving the monocog and ripping it

TG out there

Started seeing more and more snow as we got up to beaver pond

Ohh Beaver Pond. Why are thou so pretty?

I wonder what this cabin was for?

   What is in your audio player?Eric sent me this video of Small Sur playing "Yosemite" live at Current Canyon Fest in Baltimore, Maryland on October 6, 2007

            Buenas Noches