Saturday, March 28, 2009

Practice Random Rides Of Kindness

    The spring equinox has come and gone and the rides have been plentiful.Rode Cochiti for the first time in the year 2009 a couple weeks ago. It was rather snowy but the descent down Medio Dia was fun in the snow.

It was quite snowy on the saddle before we dropped down Medio Dia

Anthony, Mark and Jason enjoying a break on the saddle.

Dom is all smiles.... easy when you have nuttin but leisure activities to fill your days

Anthony stepping over to the other side

I had never ridden with Jason. It was great riding with him. I think he had fun despite his serious face in the picture.

Mark is soooooooo hard

It was Thursday at work which means it is Kips donut day

Then it was a nice weekend ride with Tony from Magura and Ryan and Matt from Hi altitude sales. It was a sweet ride up chamisa and on sidewinder.

Ryan and Matt had a killer truck that was fully custom with solar panels and all kinds of crazy shit. It is behind my bike in the picture. I, of course didn't get any pics of it. I should of though it was pretty cool.

Heading up to Atalaya for the first time of 2009

The bag-of-homos have there Tecate and cuervo and I have my Cadbury cream eggs

Mark coming off Picacho

    Ella requested that I take Yoshi up Atalaya so that he could see Santa Fe from Atalaya peak. He had a blast on the ride and even got to ride with his head out of Anthony's pack so that he could enjoy Anthony's aggro style.

    Ohh man Jeff at work was kind enought to bring me a couple sixers of Dogfish Head 90 Imperial IPA

     What do you have in your audio player? I have The Books: Smells Like Content in mine


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