Saturday, March 07, 2009

"Tim, Where the FUCK have you been?"

   Couple weeks ago I packed my grocery bags full of my lycra and other assorted sundries and hopped in the BTI truck and rolled on down to Tucson with Matt, Ben and Taylor from Spot. We were racing in the 4 man singlespeed catagory. We left Santa Fe about 10ish in the morning. The guys loaded up the trailer and arrived at my abode to pick me up.

    I thought that was very nice of my teammates. I just wish that the positive team attitude could of continued through the weekend ;).

We stopped to check the tire pressure on the truck and trailer per request
    We sort of took our time getting to Willow Springs, When we arrived in Tucson we stopped at our first stop which was at Nimbus Brewing.

    We acquired 4 growlers full of there fine IPA. We then did a bit of grocery shopping. After getting a bunch of stuff we would never eat. We made tracks for Thunder Canyon Brewing for some more beer and some dinner. We were quite impressed with the wait staff here. After eating and having a couple pints we made our way to 24 hour town. We arrived at a late hour and it was pretty chill at Willow Springs Ranch. We set up and pretty much went to bed. It was quite chilly. At least there was no snow though.

I awoke to a herd of Flagstaffers

   Then it was time to start the race. Notice the coonsumate profesional Mike Raney getting himself mentally ready for the race.

Then you have our team mate Matt getting ready for the run


I think this picture shows the proof of Sasquatch

Ben coming in from his first lap. Check the full Clif Kit

   Taylor was riding a ti Spot belt driven bike for the race. Once he got the gearing on it that he wanted he didn't have a single mechanical.

Mikes friends making up some breakfast

fire is my friend

   As the sun sets on race day we are doing pretty good. My first couple laps went really well. My next 2 laps were much worse. My first full night lap I had to keep stopping because my bar light kept sliding off the bar and slipping upside down so that it was pointing backwards. WEAK. I fixed it when I got back to our campsite though with some electrical tape. Then my 4th lap which was around 5ish am I decided to lay down in my tent because it was rather chilly. I remember waking up and being like ummmmmm ok what time did Matt go out for his lap? I put on my wet lycra and went out by the fire and warmed up. I looked at my watch , it said 5 in the morning. I woke Ben up and asked him what time Matt had left on his lap. I thought Ben said that Matt had gone out at 3:58. Cool I have a couple minutes. I got my self together and went down to put my bike at the racks and went into the tent to wait for Matt with the rest of the people. I waited a couple minutes when I hear Matt coming in the wrong way for coming in from a lap. He was VERY mad at me because he had gotten back and I was not in the tent to meet him and he had gone up to our campsite to see where the fuck I was. Man every other word out of his mouth was F#*K. Real bummer because 10 minutes is a lot of time. Ohh well. I am to blame.

When that sun comes above the horizon it will put a smile on your face

Taylor heading out on his last lap.

here is Ben Coffey getting ready for his last lap of the race. Ben is making quite a statement with his attire.That has to be the nastiest jersey I have ever seen.

Waiting for Matt to come in for my 5th and final lap.

The Cycle Locos scored a 4th place finish in 4 person SS. We Vagina Monocogs) got
8th. If you want to look at the lap times. Click here
    We stayed the night in Tucson and went back to Thunder Canyon for dinner and pints.
We stopped to see the THING on 10 near Benson, AZ

First we came upon this scarey scene

Then this barroom scene

Then we arrived at the THING......

This guy didn't look too happy

   we stopped in Hatch for a fantastic Southern New Mexican meal at The Pepper Pot. This place is right on the main road. If you are ever goin through Hatch New Mexico I would suggest you stop there for a bite to eat.

   as you can se we are excited to be back in New Mexico 3/4 of Vagina Monocogs
started it off with some chips and salsa

   Most of us if not all of us got the combo plate which was KICK ASS

This picture was taken to document Matts profuse sweating whe nhe eats spicey foods. Sweat was dripping of his brow and shit.

   Then we meandered across the street to buy some cheap ristras. The KILLER waitress from the Pepper Pot had noticed that Ben had forgotten his coat and came across the street to return it. She could of been the best waitress I have ever had.

    What is in your audio player? I have A sweet Yeasayer song "Tightrope" in mine. Can't wait for a new album from them.

   One last shot. This one is from the shoebox archive. Paul and I made a trip down to Daytona before we moved there and we stopped at a few parks on the way down. The benifit of being with Paul was that we got to skate places after hours sometimes. The shot was taken at the Hanger which I think was in Charleston


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Tim, you guys rode really hard ,good job.cough, cough,laugh my ass off.Better luck next year.
Team Los Cycle Locos