Wednesday, February 18, 2009

White Mesa Blows

unassociated shot from summer because I like summer

   Note to self: Check the wind conditions before heading down to White Mesa.
   Mark and I decided it was a fine time to drive down to Albuquerque and ride the White Mesa trail. We arrived at the trail head at White Mesa and got out of the car and nearly got blown over. On top of that I was nursing a massive tooth ache that was to get pulled in a few days. We sat there for a few minutes and pondered what to do. Go get drunk.... Drive back to Cerrillos Park.... Go drive to the foothills or stay here and man up. We decided to man up and ride into the wind.


Cabazon in the distance

If you look closely you can see a sweet window rock

The long and winding road...

The new Rig frame. #4

Notice Marks fork. Shit wasn't working to good.

Makes you want to lose your mind out here

What would a ride be....

   Other then White Mesa I have been hitting all of the usual winter spots

Cerrillos Park...
Jay descending

The Foothills trails in ALbuquerque...
Dom climbing

Matt climbing

Night ride at La Tierra. Taken form the parking lot at camino Montoyas

Night rides at The Sphinx....

    There you have it. A couple snapshots to peruse whilst you consume a beverage of your choice.

   What is in your audio player? I have the newest TV On The Radio: Dear Science in mine. I love these guys they are so unique.

                Na razie


anamnesis said...

did you do single speeding at the race track of the long night?

The SAC said...

to ashamed to write about Tucson, I see how it is....HAHA YOU SUCKAS!!!

Ed said...

No matter how you set your mind to deal with it, the wind is always a beast.