Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back to the 'ol plane

   Just getting in from a night ride with Jay and Dominic at Tierra. Was 34 but felt much colder. Was really good to get out though.
    A few weeks ago a group of us got out to Cochiti.Jay was joining us and had not ridden there before. The original plan was to take Bland canyon up to the saddle above The entrance of the ghost town of Bland and descend Medio dia back down to the orchard. As we all started climbing up Bland We decided to go up towards the cemetary and over towards Bear Head peak.Jay and Matt(1) ended up turning back and we decided to keep heading out to the plane wreck and descending back through the town of Bland. Ended up being a really fun ride.

Mark is in the shade

Anthony feeling the sunshine as he humps it up yet another climb while others wait at the bottom.

Jay at the top of the first bigger climb

After Jay departed we came acros this nice homestead with lovely views but a nasty lew

Love this pic of Cochiti lake.

Anthony climbing onward as usual
Then unexpectedly we came across the plane wreck.

Matt(2) signing his name for prosperity

A little message to the throttle twisters out there.

Then it was back to mountain biking into oblivian

Dom heading down above Bland
   As you come into the town you come by Ellies cabin. Of course you need to stand on the deck and act douchy

   Jay was wanting to switch to tubelss so I built him up a set of Stan's Rims on his Chris Kings.
    If you are looking for something to do next weekend. Dust off your fixie and put on your sisters pants and head on down to Albuquerque for the Thrashin in the 505. Issac is puttin it on so it should be big fun. I think part of the alley cat will be riding the indian school ditch all the way on the fixie. In honor of the impending fun here is another old skate shot.

   What is in your audio player? I have the New Bon Iver ep in mine. Quite nice. Leaves me wanting more though.



cdaddy said...

I still haven't seen that damn plane. And I think it's spelled

anamnesis said...

so, what is single speeding?

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Nice post, man. That plane is a unbelievable intact given the dense woods surrounding it.

See you in Durango, baby!

The SAC said...

i'm pretty impressed by that coloring job there TIm. Elle didn't do it did she?!

Anonymous said...

I cann't believe you got me to do that ride twice.

Anonymous said...

That plane crashed in 1965!