Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Big T's last gasp

   Here we are into 2009. The snow has hit Santa Fe pretty good so far this year. Ski Santa Fe is sporting a 62 inch base. I have yet to get out there for some turns this year. I did however get some good mountain bike rides in before the snow closed in the upper parts of the mountain. The last time I got up to Big T was with a fine group of people.

as we got furthur up the Winsor the snow started to become more prevalent

always nice to gather up here before the trail goes /.

Paul climbing up the Winsor. This section is always a tuff one for me of course in the picture it looks like it is flat.

The snow cover started increasing when I came across Mark.

Maienza marching

There is a rider over yonder

The harsh starkness of winter is beautiful

Dom wrappig it up o Sidewinder

   We capped the ride with a few cellies at nun's corner. Then continued at the bar

   Chip Adams bout to come down on a frontside 50-50. I used to skate a ton with Chip. He was a great guy to skate with. Always ripping it and skated with a lot of power and pop.
This is another picture form those negatives with Brandon on em.

    What is in your audio player? I have Kings Of Leon:Aha Shake Heartbreak in mine.

Guess I won't be riding that anymore.

                   Pushun b'shena


cdaddy said...

Missing riding the Sangre's. Snowshoeing will have to do for now.

Is that last shot the Rig? Bummer.

devin said...

Get that thing in warranty and get a new one.. One thing that trek is good about..

Jim Beam said...

Ravens sucked

anamnesis said...

now what exactly is single speeding?