Saturday, November 08, 2008


    Ohh my. We have a new day in America...maybe. I hope Obama does half of what he speaks of. Could be tuff without a veto proof majority in the congress. I still feel that the 2 party system that we have here in America has become more like 2 corporations and the constitution seems to not matter at all. We as people don't really seem to have a say.
    The rides in Northern New Mexico have been great. Here is another set of pixels from when the Aspens were still bangin.

Mark and I parked at the top of Pacheco Canyon rd. and rode the road up to Aspen Vista where we proceeded to climb up to the towers.

The towers were a nice spot to relax for a minute and take in the views

Coming down the ski hill is a quick affair then it is onto the Winsor to Rio en Medio.

Acequia Redux

A lovely spot for a break

Wild life

wild life

   The girls and I went for a terrific hike up at the ski area a couple weeks ago. They had the lifts running so people could take the lifts up and down or just take em up and hike down to enjoy the fallness. We had a good ol time and I snuck a beer up to boot.

We stopped for a nice snack too.

   What's in your audio player? I have the new Q-Tip: The Renaissance in mine. It is great to hear a new album from Q-Tip. I used to love me some Tribe Called Quest.



Anonymous said...

Dude, your pictures make me alost wanna give up the road...almost.


Anonymous said...

Great ride.Love the Bee picture,powers activate.

cdaddy said...

Nice post Tim. Hope your enjoying this nice long riding season as much as I am.

Jim Beam said...


Change your blog, that is...

BTW, where did you see that insulator with the tree grown around it?

And what does Chishona mean?

GenghisKhan said...

Just stumbled across your blog--great pics of some beautiful terrain!