Wednesday, October 22, 2008


   The Autumn season is upon us. Like the season this is a time for change. for better or worse we are gonna have a change soon. Boy do we need one.
    The rides have been fantastic lately. The trees were delightful.It all started with a ride in Taos with Mark and Anthony. We saw all kinds of people on the trail that day as GITA was happening and what not. We parked at Valle Escondido and from there went up 70 then up to Elliot Barker and south boundary down. We were originally gonna have to take Mon Dragon back down towards our truck. Then we met up with the GITA crew. We spoke with them a bit and learned that they had some vehicles parked back at el Nogal and that they needed to take some people back to Valle Escondido as well. We inquired about hitching a ride back to our vehicle so that we could enjoy the rest of South Boundary and el Nogal as well. They obliged. Thanks for the ride yall.Ohh yeaa and thanks for the beers Carrie and Anthony.


Anthony riding down to Nogal

Luckily as we waited for Anthony to get back with his truck. The Yeti guy Anthony was kind enuff to give Mark and I a few beers.

Eskes Fatty

Did you have fun today Mark?

   Another day ends as another GREAT ride ends. The aspens this year were great. I hope everyone is having a fine fall season. I love fall here in Santa Fe. Not just because the lovely colors but also for the great trail conditions.

    What is in your audio player? I have Pinback: Nautical Antiques in mine. It is a disc of B-sides and early stuff I am quite enjoying it. I don't think there is one album or song from these guys that I don't like.

   Everything Changes.....    Some Crail action
Photo: Kenny Gibbs


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Love the portrait and hell ya, I had fun