Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Paths We Choose

    These shots were takin in Baltimore. Some of the most fun I have ever had was the times spent skateboarding with all the friends I was hanging with then.
   Brandon Novak circa 1992??

Frontside 180 to switch 5-0

    A friend from back east was telling me about an old friend who had just made an appearence on Howard Stern A week or so ago. Since I don't have satellite I haven't listened to Howard in quite sometime . Since then I have seen it thanks to You Tube. Brandon is a guy that I used to skateboard with quite a bit back in Baltimore.I think in the pictures above he was around 13. He had incredible talent. Very natural. In those days a bunch of us from Baltimore would drive up to Pa. a lot to skate some of the diferent skateparks there like Rip The Lip, Cheapskates,Woodward,and assorted backyard ramps.Bam from West Chester would be at these skateparks as well. Brandon became friends with Bam and back then because they were both so young hanging out with us older guys.Soon enough Bucky Lasak got Brandon on Powell and it seemed Brandon would be headed for the pro life. Then he got tangled up in some heavy drugs. It seems Bam has helped Brandon out a lot in the past few years as it seems he has been trying to kick heroin. Which he says he has, on the Howard Stern show. Brandon has recently written a book which I have ordered but not yet received. I read an excerpt from the book and I found it well written. Anyone who has maybe chosen the path which was maybe not the wisest and still came out having survived can see where this book would be a good read. Hearing about all this really blew me away. Took me back to my years hanging out with a lot of GREAT people skateboarding every day. Check out his book if ya like
   You can read an excerpt from it if you click the book.

   I have some more past ride photos. Anthony and I hit up the Rancho Viejo loop and I snapped a few along the way. Bask in the old ranch.

I am diggin runnin Exi's on the front and back.

Driving home on Hyde Park rd. The sun sets
That was a great ride.
    Then a few weeks ago a good group of us met at the apple orchard in Dixon for a big ol Dome rd ride. Dave and Paul came up from Albuquerque to ride with us.

It was looking to be a fine day. Cochiti Lake in the backround

The moon up there chillin

Dominic taking a breather

Carl Shipman where it meets up with Cochiti Canyon.

Matt and Dom takin in the views from Alamos Trail

Robert off in the distance

Matt climbing

Brian climbing through a lovely meadow

Brian descending Medio Dia

The ride was done and it was time to take the dusty road home

    What is in your audio player? I have el ten eleven's self titled disc in mine and enjoying it fully.
    We all have diferent paths to choose throughout life. Some of us choose a tuff trail for a bit and some choose a smooth path a bit. Sometimes the people that choose the ruffer path actually have a better time of it. all of our paths lead to the same place.

While I was looking through the negatives I came across this killer picture of a young Bucky hoisting a big ol frontside ollie on the chick ramp that I used to skate daily. I think Bucky is up to my chin as I watch from the deck.

               Ka dish day


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