Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Carl Shipman was a good man

     Hit up some Cochiti the other day with A and we had a spectacular ride. Parked the ol 240 at the apple orchard. Our route took us up Dome rd to Carl Shipman down to Cochiti canyon then up Alamos tr. then took that trail that cuts over to killer switchbacks then took that down to medio dia and descended that back down to cochiti canyon and out. I never get bored of Cochiti I hope I never will. Anthony and I both had cameras so his are mixed in with mine. I might just have to hit up Cochiti this weekend.

The climb up Dome rd. is a road but the scenery makes up for the lack of singletrack.

Anthony switching back on Carl Shipman

Then we climbed Alamos trail from under to above the tent rocks

After the climb we hit that sweet trail that goes over to killer switchbacks

Along the way we stopped for some lovely snacks in the meadow

It is hard to tell but through out the whole ride we got rain on and off.

We even had to stop on our way up Alamos trail to wait out a downpour

     What is in your audio player? I am listening to Band Of Horses: The Great Salt Lake on Pandora.
     There is now snow up on the mountain. I did a ride up to Glorieta last weekend and there was a couple inches of snow up top.

A guten tog


Anonymous said...

"guten tog" maybe "guten tag" you mean?
yeah sucka! We need to ride together sometime.
later, isaac

Anonymous said...

Nice Tim! Got to spend the day out there recently myself. So, when you climb up the Alamos switchback trail from Cochiti Canyon, and reach the graded gravel road at the top, there is a sweet singletrack just across the road. Do you take that left (southerly) or right (northerly) to get to the killer switchback trail?

Tim Wise said...

Yeaa Chris, I take that left. I love that section . Here are our tracks from that ride. http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/activity/6487468
We should get together for a ride sometime.
Yo Isaac, How is it goin down there in Bando land?

Ed said...

Wow, that's mid-Oct riding? Looks very summerish what with the flowers, greenery and berries!

Jj loves Band of Horses.


Tim Wise said...

Yeaa Ed, That ride was from late summer. :) I am a little slow in getting posts up. hehee. Hope all is well with you.

YuriB said...

That looks like a mighty fine ride. Lately I've been listening to Mos Def and The Roots the Tipping Point.

Matt said...

I'd be interested to know if Carl is still alive. Never thought to look in the phone book.....

Anonymous said...

My name is Erik Griffin
Hello to each and all of my old friends that used to bike and skate around Baltimore...
Drop me a line if you like.
or call 443-871-6529
Peace to Tim, Bill and Brad for starters....