Monday, August 04, 2008

Glory Days

   Decided to hit up the lovely Glorieta trails the other day. It started out great. We had a good group consisting of Mark, Monica, Preston, Anthony and myself. We started the ascent and about 2 miles up my Avid BB7's had a malfunction. the clip that goes in between the pads on the brake got caught into the pads and rotor and got all tore up. So I had no rear brake at that point. Anthony was kind enuff to bail with me at that point and descend back to the car and go all the way back to his house and get a pad and clip from his house and then we went back and did the ride sans mechanincals. Unfortunately the original plan was to climb up to the tower on Glorieta Baldy then descend down Apache Canyon and ride the fun dirt trails/roads to Canada De Los Alamos. We didn't really have enuff time to do that so we just descended the singletrack back to the Baptist Center. Anthony and I got some fun pictures so half are mine and half are his.
    First though I would like to say that I finally finished a NMES ride/race and it was on my home turf at the Santa Fe Big Friggin Loop. I am stoked to finally do one of these damn things. Hopefully I can go back to back and finish the Double Boundary.
    I took a few pictures from the Big Friggin Loop.

The start was at 2nd street at 6 in the morning. I saw a half pint full of IPA on the patio .Is it wrong that I wanted to go drink it?

People coming up Hyde Park to the Chamiza to the first food stop. I would not of been able to finish the ride if they would not of been there with drinks and what not. THANK YOU!

Mark and I decided to take a brake once we made it up to Aspen Vista. Some of the riders opted to keep moving up the road.

When I got to the towers I was alone. I then descended the ski hills and then made it to the next food SAG at the ski hill parking lot.

When we got to this sadlle coming back to Rio en Medio I was definatly feeling it.

   When we got to the Pacheco Winsor intersection I knew I was gonna make it and it felt good. Glen Hooked us up with a few cold cokes that hit spot. Thanks Glen
Came in at 13:43.... man thatr is a long time in the saddle. I wasn't right dfor a week orf so aft erthat one.

   This shows all of the killer trails in Santa Fe. Supposedly there were some Bandeleros out there this day as well. I am glad I did not run into them They seem to not like Single Speed 29er rigid folk. WEAK! I believe we all have a space here under the big ol umbrella of Mountain Biking. 'Cept maybe closed minded fools.
Here are some shots from our ride up to Baldy the other day.

Anthony's new amalgamation.....he is half way to enlightenment of the big wheel variety

Anthony coming down from the tower with his rigid self. Lots of fun rocks up in there.

Anthony rocking it

   What a ride. It was great to go back after my mechanical and reap revenge. Always a fun descent.

    The SSWC is fast approaching. It is gonna be a full week while We are there. On top of doing the race my brother got me a ticket to the Outside Lands Festival. Soo many good people are playing it. Gonna be tuff to squeeze in everything. The race is Sunday and I really wanted to see Broken Social Scene and they are playing Sunday as well so I hope I can get back to the city to see them after the race. Ella and I are also planning on hitting the Pirate store and I also want to take her to the Japanese Tea Garden.

    What is in your audio player? I have been getting into some old punk stuff again lately. I re-aquired Black Flag's Slip It In. I remember seeing Black Flag and Saccharine Trust at Fishermans Inn for Black Flags Slip It In tour. Definitly one of the better shows I saw. Also Fishermans Inn was the first vert ramp I dropped in on. Here is a picture of Paul Wisniewski ripping the ramp before they layered it in steel. circa mid 80's. Paul had heaps of style. Lots of fun was had hanging out with Paul.

I poached this picture from here.Looking at the pictures form that website was like taking a walk thru memory lane.



devin said...

Tim ,, you make me want to go on vacation there in New Mex.. That is a place that I have not ridden much other than the angle fire race i did few years back. Looks like fun thanks for the help with my DT Swiss issues.. Word up and have a good time riding.

Tubeular Visions said...

Too cool!I was ramp side with Sieverts and Derek at this years Balt Dew Tour, Bucky pushed a Big Fside Boneless reminded me of days gone.
14hrs in the saddle,nice! Thatl let you know your alive and taking advantage of life!

Anonymous said...

your a demi god and i hang a poster size photo of you in my bedroom.c you in Taos ,naked in the hot tub jacked up on too long of a ride and too much beer.
all hearts,

Mrs. Outlaw said...

Can't wait to see you guys @ SSWC!