Friday, August 29, 2008

Monarch Crest or SSWC08?

   Took the family up to Salida a few weeks ago. This was our 2nd trip up there and it did not disappoint. I met up with Bill and Jessica for some riding. We did 2 rides over the weekend. First ride was a killer 35 mile ride starting up at the Monarch crest ski area down to Silver Creek down to the Rainbow trail. WOW! what a ride that was. Bill, Jessica and I went up to the ski area round 10 o'clock and ended up meeting up with Maka and some other assorted Santa Feans. After the ride Autumn, Ella and I went for a soak up at Mt Princton Hot Springs. The next day we were thinking about riding Raspberry Gulch up on the Colorado trail. We ended up not feeling like driving back up to the trail Which started right by the hotsprings we were at the night before. So we opted for the Bear Creek road to Rainbow trail loop which starts and ends in town. We heart Salida. Here are a few pics from the Salida trip.
   First though, Ella and I just got back from a trip out to San Francisco to visit with my brother and his familia. For my 40th birthday my bro and his wife got us all tix for the Outside Lands Fest which was freakin awesome. It was happening all weekend and we had tix for all 3 nights. I was also there to race in the SSWC08 which was equally as killer. In retrospect I think I tried to do too much and I had the worse bonk I have ever suffered in a mountain bike in my life. I was just happy to finish the race by the end. I really thought I was gonna need some medical attention. I will redeem myself next year in Durango. It was great to see some old friends from the east and also to see Scott Sportsman who is living in cali now in Bakersfield. I did not take any pics at the race at all but my bro did and maybe I can get him to send me a few of his to post up. The Cali peeps put on an impressive event the course was FUN. A fellow BTI employee Mike went out and smoked the course and took 15th. Way to go Mike. Thanks to Curtis and everyone else who put it together.

Mark and Bill having what appears to be a good ol time.

Steve not looking happy. I bet he is though

Bill and Isaac feeling the flow

Dropping back into the trees

Jessica ripping the trails sans gears

Isaac rolling along

Let the fun begin... ohh yeaa it all ready did

The Rainbow trail gives birth to a Maka

    After the ride some of us rode back to the shuttle place and waited for the others to retrieve the vehicles from the ski area.

    Then for the Wise's it was off to Mt.Princton Hot Springs. We loved this place. It was a little pricey but really fun. They had two big pools then they had all these neat little pools made just from rocks along the river.

   After our soak we met up with Bill and Jessica in town for some pizza. This politician using the green thang for political gain.Cool non the less

The next day I met Bill and Jessica and we rode up to Bear Creek rd.

It was always nice to find some shade on the climb up

Little cloud poking his head up.To see what was going on.

Then it was onto the Guts trail

Bill traveling through the small intestines I believe

   Then Ella and I journey'd to San Francisco for the SSWC and for the Outside Lands festival as well as a general visit with the family. We had a great trip. Ella and I both want to pack up and go back to live. THe race was INCREDIBLE. I had a SUPER bonk like I have never had in my life as I stated before. I felt fine the first lap but about half way through the 2nd lap I knew I was gonna be in trouble. Still had a blast though. Very dissapointed in myself though. Here are my tracks from the race.

I poached this picture from ibikergal.

After I crossed the finish line, Ella came up to me and asked me why I was sooo late

   The reason these races RIP is hanging out with like minded peeps and seeing old friends Joe and I chatting it up.
The last 3 pictures were poached from Scotts lovely blog. A BIG ol thanks to Mister Sportsman for the bottle of Stranahans. Seeing ol' Scott made me miss him. Wish he hadn't left New Mex.

   The Outside Lands Fest was freakin awesome. Too much to recount. I will say that Radiohead was incredible. Even with the audio problems. Primus was a nice surprise. I was wondering around about to leave and I decided to check them out. I had seen them before years ago at Lalapalooza and didn't think I was interested in seeing them again but they ripped.

Primus had 2 giant astronauts on stage

You gotta love a city that has bike valet parking at a concert.

We also snuck in a visit to the Deyoung for the Chihuly exhibit goin on.

    We are trying to get back out to SF in OCtober for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in the park which is FREE. Mostly so I can see Iron and Wine and Bonnie "Prince" Billy.

    What is in your audio player? I have Small Sur in mine. Yet another Baltimore band making waves.

                Ge, yön aset, i lro


cdaddy said...

Great post Tim.

Too bad about the bonk issue but otherwise it looks like Cali did not dissapoint.

Still time for at least 1 more trip to the Crest before the snow flies. And thanks to JB/Stephen, I was able to finally find "Guts" on my last trip up there. It was definately worth looking for!!!

2drunk2shift said...

Sweet IF. What's up with smoochin the Phil hubs. Did ya win them, or something. Sweet pics of the race, even if you stole some of em.

William Schiano said...

Great post, looks like August was a fun month. Good times riding with you once again in Salida. We have to keep it annual event and keep inviting others to join. CA looked killer, don't sweat the bonk, you finished and those hubs are money! Bummed I missed all that killer music and riding with the outlaw. We will all rally in Durango!

Hopefully DB works and we get to taste the goodness of the SB on last time before old man winter grabs hold.

Ikon O. Klasst said...

Nice post, Tim, and great seeing you again. Eat something, man, ya gotta do more than drink to avoid the bonk! ;)

Great course and perfect weather.

Tim Wise said...

Thanks yall
cdaddy: Yeaa Guts is fun. I even like the bottom section of that trail.
2drunk2shift: I did win the hubs. I found on of the eggs and it had a good number in it.
William: Yeaa hope I make it out to the DB.
ikon o. klasst:Steve it was awesome sharing a beer with all you guys. Sorry I was late. I was busy getting lost in the inner Sunset.