Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New York Strip

   Bill and Jessica came down to Santa Fe to cook some killer steaks on the new Weber the other day. Man they ripped. Give it up for red meat.
    While they were down to grill they decided to bring their bikes along and get in a couple rides too. Did I mention that their bikes are pure Rockafella? So Bill and Jessica are very busy people and they could only squeeze 2 rides in while they were here so we road the Rancho Viejo loop and went up to Taos to meet up with Greg and get some South Boundary action in. Both rides were lovely and I took a couple pictures to capture a few moments in time.

WOW! Does this make the ride better? Minty Fresh chillin at Aspen Ranch.

As Bill wonders when the fun begins,Anthony is gazing into his 705, and Robert is thinking about calling Cat.

Jessica enjoying the day on her new Black Sheep

Lovely village of En Medio.

fast forward to Taos

Bill climbing up from Valle Escondido

Greg needed to consult with his gps to make sure we were still headed towards Osha

Jessica ripping up the climbs

I always love coming to this meadow. This is where we got onto Elliot Barker.

Some of the views off the Elliot Barker trail are supreme

   Coming up to Paradise park. After this Jessica and I went down to retrieve the cars from the Valle Escondido and then went to town to meet Bill and Greg at the coffee shop. The road back down to the cars was fast. 8 miles of all out downhill.

   Then it was time to load the car up and get back to Taos to meet up with Bill and Greg. Wrapped it up with some fish tacos at Guadalajara Grill.
    Bill was kind enuff to bring some Majaraja down from Boulder. I popped it that night.

   Ohh yeaa and a couple weeks ago I grabbed a Zaka-ti VooDoo 29er from the demo fleet and took it for a nice spin on the Chameza and the Winsor and sidewinder. I enjoyed the ride but I would have to say that Gary Fisher knows his 29er geometry. The new G2 frame that I have feels much better then the Zaka. I am gonna take it out again for a ride soon and will do a more proper evaluation. The only picture I took was when I stopped by Cliffs for a Stone 40.

    What is in your audio player? I have Pinback:Summer In Abaddon in mine. Ben scooped this up and gave me a copy. It was the only album I didn't have of there's It is REALLY good.It is really tight. These guys must be great to see live. I hope I get the chance. It is a rather reflective album but that is where they are at their best.

                  Hasta luego


stagewest said...

Nice Tim. I love that climb up to Osha Meadow from the Valle Escondido. I think the section of EB from the meadow to SBT is my favorite as well. Looks like you skipped Jaracita. You'll need to hit that up sometime.

Also, congrats for finishing the SFBFL on one gear!

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Anonymous said...

Art was trying to track you down and Jeff Brown sent the info on your Blog. It's been a very long time (15+ years). I'm glad to see that you are doing well. Hit me up when you have a chance.

Paul Wis

Anonymous said...

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