Friday, June 27, 2008

Arroyos Chamisos del Stupa es Glorieta

   It has been a nice summer so far. Accept for the fact that we are really starting to reap the benefits of such a corrupt government.
   Rides have been plentiful in the land of Enchantment. A while ago after work I met Anthony for a sweet ride along the arroyo behind St. Johns which shares a trail head with the Atalaya trail. We made our way up to the Stupa as well. As we were leaving the Stupa a girl drove by and said "Hey look, Buddhist Bikers"

One Lonely Cloud

   Ohh yeaa, Also I met up with a guy from Philly named Brian and we rode the lovely trails of Cochiti. Well at least they did. I made it till we were just about to accept the rewards of climbing all this way to the Killer Switchbacks and my tire went KABOOM! Shit was like a gunshot I Must of jumped 10 ft. I had a lot of hiking to do so we directed Brian and his buddy to continue on and Anthony was awesome enuff to go retrieve his truck and come meet me in Cochiti canyon. It was a long walk in my bike shoes. Blisters were plentiful.

Anthony climbing through the brush on the Alamos trail.

A friend of Brians from Corrales and for the life of me I can't remember his name.

   We got up to the rd and we crossed it over to that sweet trail that descends and then meets up with the Killer Switchback tr. First we decided to have a bite to eat.

Then while stopped to take a picture of these lovely iris's my tire exploded.

It was a lovely hike

   After hiking down Alamos trail I started to get parched.The stream crossings were lovely I took a couple breaks to douse my noggin.
   Ended up to be a great day. Brian and his buddy found there way. and we had a beer afterwards.

   Then a couple weeks ago Anthony and Robert and I hit up the Glorietta ride for a change. Up ghost town to baldy then descend the ripping singletrack back to the car. Antony and I both had our cameras so it is a combo of the 2 of us.

Robert coming through some aspens

At the hotel we played on a fun little skinny to drop. Anthony got the better picture. Mine was a little too close. :(

There is some cool old mines above the hotel.

with Glorieta comes some hiking especially above ghost town.

As we got up higher there was still some lingering snow.

then of course there is the obligatory shots from the tower

Robert was enjoying Glorieta this day.

   Riding in the Mountains is very fun.

   What is in your audio player? I am currently listening to The new Black Keys album Attack and Release. It is very different then all there other albums. Danger Mouse produced it. Some peeps may hate on this album but I have been enjoying it. I also am gettting back into Six Parts Seven again.

   Musica es divertido!

               Mooi se jayye


Jim Beam said...

Great post, Bub! Lot's of good pics in there.

Let's ride this weekend.

Ed said...

Playing...Orbital, "In Sides".

Weird about the tire blowing up like that! Bummer.

As always a good read and wonderful pictures, thanks!


Matt said...

How in the world did they ever find people to go into those mines? Dude, even the worst job available in Santa Fe in todays newspaper want ads is soooo much better than rat hole miner from the 1800s. Damn thats some scary shit there. I'll bet they didn't even have canaries. Probabaly just a candle on the hat, and if it went out for lack of oxygen that was your sign.....

Anonymous said...