Saturday, June 07, 2008

Tewa Clowns or Outlaws?

   The other day Todd was telling me I was a clown. A Tewa Clown to be exact. I said what the hell are you talking about? Upon closer examination I would have to agree with Todd that in fact, the whole SSO Factory Team is based on the Hopi Clown known as the Tewa Clown.These Clowns, while they are certainly slapstick merry makers are also tradition keepers and teach lessons about the Good and Bad in man. Little did I know that Joe having native American blood in him would fashion his team after a Clown. Pure genious.
    Too many rides to recall. I have some backlogged images from a couple rides from a bit ago. One of which was a sweet ride which was the first of my 40th year on this earth. It was my first ride of the season on Rio En Medio as well.

Mark and Dave climbing up Pacheco Canyon rd

Steve having a good ol time

Ramon on it as usual

One reason I love Rio En Medio is all the water features

Ramon on one of the last switchbacks before hitting pacheco canyon again. It is nice not having to take any pavement from Rio En MEdio over to Pacheco Canyon rd.

Viva Santa Fe

Then it was back for another lovely ride up medio dia

Steve with a determined look on his mug

Ray and Steve riding along

persistance rewards Brian

Ray is good at getting the group off course...but it is always ends with smiles

Ray opening the fence into the town of Bland

Steve zips it up

Raney brought in this lovely tandem to work the other day. It would be sweet to take that thing up Hyde Park road. We could have tandem townie races up the ski hill rd.

    What is in your audio player? I got out Bob Marley and the Wailers:Catch A Fire. It is a great album. I had just watched a movie about the making of that album called Classic Albums: Bob Marley and the Wailers - Catch a Fire . The movie has great performance footage from the time and has awesome interviews with Rita Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer as well as Chris Blackwell who produced the album for Island. It is interesting how Blackwell added in some other musicians to make it more appealing to western audiences. If you like Bob and haven't seen this movie I would suggest getting it.
    After going to Cochiti Saturday I stoppped by Santa Fe Brewery to fill my growler. I decided to get a pint as well and listen to The Reverend Horton Heat do there sound check outside on the patio whilst I enjoyed my lovely IPA.

                   Fæstædær fendzystæm


Sean said...

Nice. I like the stool and cross bones.

bikingbadger said...

Roots and rocks. Looks like some wicked trails.

Jim Beam said...

Hey Toker Tim

Great poast! Cool on the outlaw / clown connection.

when are we going to get an account of the Cochiti 45?

riderx said...

No doubt we are clowns!

Did you stay to see the Reverend? They always put on a rockin' show.

Happy B-day old man!

Anonymous said...

when we going to ride together again .I miss making out with you.

devin said...

The rev puts on a great show..