Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Few Good Rides

   Anthony has a pretty Kestrel That he had Mellow Velo convert to fixie for him with the help of an ENO. Ohh and of course some Velocity deep V's
    The season has begun. The weather has turned and Dales Balls have opened up. That means that the mountain will be opening soon.
    I rode the Cross Check with a 44/17 on a nice ride out and back to Canada de los Alamos. We did about 25 miles.
Todd letting me draft off him.

then laying the hammer down on me

The rode turns to dirt in Canada de los ALamos and my cross check wanted to keep on riding. There are some great dirt roads and single track starting from there that would be perfect for the cross check. I will have to get back there on it.

Don't be hatin' on the Uglydolls

On the ride we decided to stop at Anthony's house in the Hondo and have a few beverages

Then Todd and I continued our ride to his house where we decided that our thirst was not quite quenched. So we decided we would go to 2nd street for a couple more pints and a couple bowls of Green Chili Stew.

Once again Anthony was wanting to ride so I met up with him to ride some Tierra trails after work one weekday evening.

Anthony enjoying some turns of the dirty variety

Anthony in all his ingenuity took his old Superlight and converted it to a SS. I rode it for a bit out in Galisteo Preserve and found it to be quite enjoyable.

I really like this picture.Moonrise

   Anthony had brought along a couple of those Murphy's big cans with the nitrous widgetts in them that kick in when you open it . nice nitro stout

yeaa...sure is lame here in Santa Fe

Rode with mark a few times. He just started working a BTI as a brand manager for Commencal and Cinelli. He was rocking a Sendero with the loosest chain I have seen. Sorry driftingson Mark is far too allusive on the trail to get a picture of.

    Todd arranged a full moon Good Friday ride that turned out to be much fun. I didn't really get any shots to speak of but it was beautiful out there in the Basin.
The sun sets as we get to the ridge top trail

The moon is on the left and Todd's head is on the right

    There you have it. Spring is here and the clocks have been sprung forward. It can mean only one thing and that is that Dawn til Dusk is coming up. I will be riding/racing with Anthony under the banner of 2 Legit 2 Shift. Come hang with us in Gallup and drink a beer or two.

   Watched another Jodorowski movie the other night. It was el Topo and it was as strange as the first Jadorowski movie I watched( Holy Mountain). His movies are always steeped in religious and occult symbolism and in this one Jodorowski is the main charecter and claims to be God. I won't go any further. Really trippy stuff. I would say I enjoyed this one more then Holy Mountain.

    What is in your audio player? I am listening to Pinback Autumn Of The Seraphs. I love Pinback. I hope to see them live sometime.



Sean said...

Where's all the pictures?

Brad said...

phew...I thought it was my browser, but yeah no picts sucks...

DriftingSon said...

ah man- you gotta fix the pics. i know Mark and I need to see a recent image of him!

cdaddy said...

2 Legit to Shift. HA! I like it.

Icon O. Classt said...

Funny, I had that same Uglydoll hanging off my CC--OX is its name, the shape it's eyes make.

Nice post!

Jim Beam said...

2 Legit to Shit? What's that all about?

eric from baltimore said...

whats up tim. I stumbled on to your blog today and was shocked to see your face. Ive been riding single gear road seriously and racing road for the last 2 yrs. Im only a cat5 cuz i dont race enuf.

i recently have been riding strictly single speed road and thats how i found your blog. I didnt realize it was you until i saw your picture. haha.

glad your doing well and having a blast!

eric from baltimore said...

pic of my SS roadie. Got it on sale for 285$ from lutherville bike shop.
its an 2007 Fremont. killer deal!