Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cochiti Love

   Sitting here watching Into The Wild.
   Just got back from Gallup, New Mexico for the Dawn till Dusk race. More on that later.
   Cochiti is one of the most beautful places I have been to. It is just real natural and peaceful. The trails kick ass as well. In preperation for the race I thought some rides there were in order. The higher up stuff there is still snowed in. Brian and I met Anthony and DeathRay out at the apple orchard and went for a lovely ride up medio dia then to the saddle where we tried venture up to the beaver pond but were rebuffed before long with heavy snow on the trail. We went back down to the saddle and decided to take Horn Mesa which is an out and back of about 4 miles. We got some great shots from the ride. I had my camera and Anthony had his as well. I also went back out there the next weekend with Brian and we did Bland canyon up to the saddle and descended medio dia so there will be a couple pictures from that ride as well.

climbing up

through the many pretty streams

cotton Kennedy climbin

After the saddle we tried to climb up to beaver ponds and we started to hit snow like this. So we turned around and decided to do the out and back along Horn Mesa.

this angle is nice

This angle is nice as well.

Ray was rocking a SS this day.

enjoying a break with some friends

   Anthony enjoying some sandy berm action
   A few pics from a ride with Brian a week later when we took Bland up this time

the road up Bland Canyon is very scenic.

Sandias chillin in the backround

   I have been digging my new grips. Grab yourself some ESI grips and you won't be disappointed.
    Ben at work sent me a pic of this bike the other day. I don't think you could even get 2 fingers on there.

    I wonder if the Outlaw and his merry band of off road fixter hipsters rock their bars like those.
    What is in your audio player? I have the new Gnarls Barkley in mine. I have been digging on it. It has an old soulful feel to it mixed in with a really new electronic feel. love it when peeps mix things up.
   I hope everyone is enjoying there spring.
                  Jema jai yong


riderx said...

Nice pix! I'd be digging a little snow riding right in the middle of a shorts and short sleeve back country ride.

I'm all about the wide bars. That was an April Fools pic poking fun of the hipster chopped riser bar/Oury fad on "street track" bikes. More pix here

Tim Wise said...

Joe, Yeaa it is nice like that out here. Weather Changes in a minute.
Thanks for stating the OBVIOUS about the chopping-riserbar-oury love that you urban fixters dig on for getting to the micro bar.
Have a great trip to the goose.

bobikes said...

I've been reading your blog and love the pics. Would really like to ride in NM. I'm on the east coast. Was wondering what SS gears your running?

Ed said...

Tim - love that first picture, are you messing around with PhotoChop now?

Good stuff and Gnarls is a fun listen for sure.


riderx said...

TimTim - You should know I'm to old to be a hipster, I'm almost as old as you! :D

I rock the wide bar fixed boozer bike, makes it easier to aim for the hipsters when I mow them down ;) I do love my Ourys though!

stagewest said...

I love to see Cochiti pics!

Are the FS road gates still locked up to vehicular traffic?

Tim Wise said...

bobikes:If you ever come through Santa Fe I would love to show you around. I am running a 32/19 on my 29er. I might switch that rear cog to a 20 tooth soon though for the bigger climbs up high.
Ed: Thanks. Yeaa I use CS3 all day at work so I mess with photoshop sometimes for my blog photos.Looks like you got a fancy new camera.
Chris: Hey there. Yeaa when we rode there 2 weeks ago the gates were still closed.