Monday, March 10, 2008

Thank Goodness for The Thumb(trail)

   Getting some more riders hitting the preserve trails lately. It is really starting to get packed down. Hopefully they will ad a few more miles of single track. It has been great to have these trails there this winter because everything else round these parts has been unridable. Accept for the Cerrillos Hills Historic Park which is always fun. Ohh yeaa and Tierra as well.
    Todd and I went out to the Thumb trail last weekend and had a good ol' time. Todd was rocking his RIG as well so we were like 2 peas in a pod out there.

Todd sporting a purdy Absolute Jersey. Can't wait to get back to Salida this summer.

Ol' Tim comin round the corner and enjoying the day.

The views are awesome at the preserve. 360 degree

What a fun race it was.

Stopping at the big rock for a blurry eyed break. What is Todd doing over there?

Todd seems to be digging his new singlespeed RIG.

Todd is always kind enough to wait for me.
The views just never stop. I love New Mexico.

Big Head Todd and his big wheels

navigating one of the Dale Ballesque switchbacks on the Sphinx trail

The RIG has been nothing but exemplary. I am very happy with the changes Gary made to this years frame.

On the way back to the car Todd and I stopped by the nice view by the cars for one last rest.
Then it was on too........

2nd Street for some awesome tasting, overlyEXPENSIVE beers. Don't let the Mountain Sun label fool you. I had those from when Boulder Bill brought me a couple 1/2 gallons of there fine nectar to me when we did the Double Boundary ride/race last yr.
    What is in your audio player? I have been just blown away by the music scene in Bodymore lately. I have been listening to the new Beach House album lately. They have a Velvet Underground with Nico type of sound.
   Go Wham City!
    Also this weekend I got to check out a free pay per view of the SXSW fest that was going on there was some great stuff. Liam Finn was rather interesting.
    All right everybody. I have had enuff winter now. I need to start riding the REAL trails we have here in Santa Fe.
    Came home the other night to another typical sunset here.

                  Slán go fóill


Ed said...

Good stuff Tim. Winter is definitely hanging tough up here too although we got out for a stellar ride before the 'Ol Man moved back in.


Icon O. Classt said...

Wow, that sunset is sweet. Great shots, man.

Mountain Sun is pretty cool; happened to find my way there last year and got to sample some of their stuff...very tasty!

On the shuffle: Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea and some Richard Hell and the Voidoids.

Hilton Meyer said...

Looks awesome, wish I was there. Great photo's, especially like the blur-o-vision shot;)

riderx said...

Looks like some good trails there. Winter seems to be over here, gearing up for the bike rides now.

riderx said...

Oh yeah, drinking a 2008 Bigfoot right now, made me think of you. It is good this year, nice and hoppy!