Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dale Ball South+Solstice hike

   Got in a ride a few weeks ago before the snow set in and it got cold as Balls. I hooked up with Rob for a ride starting from St. Johns parking lot. We the went up to the Dale Ball South trail just above Dorothy Stewart trail head. We then went in there and had a fun ride all around the south side trails and hit Pacacho for good measure. Then we came down to upper canyon and went down to Dorothy Stewart and took that back to wilderness gate and then descended the bottom of Atalaya. Had a fun time over there. I think Rob enjoyed it.
   On the winter solstice Chad and I went for a hike up Atalaya in the snow. It was the first time I have hiked Atalaya(without a bike) Had a real good time. Hope to do some more of that. I took my new pack and some snowshoes just to get ready for some hiking with the snowboard.

Rob shedding a layer

I don't know why I like taking pictures of trail signage

Rob taking in the view

Rob coming up to Pacacho

Nice views of the watershed

   That was the last ride I had on dirt with no snow on it.After a couple weeks off the bike I couldn't take it anymore. So yesterday I went riding with the los Nativos and Todd and we rode some new trail called the Sphinx trail. It is a new trail that was much fun.
   Last week I went on my first hike up Atalaya with Todd and It was really fun. It gave me a good workout in the snow. We took a few pictures.

The snow was starting to get deeper

Does it get any better then this?

Todd descending into the sun

There is something about trains

   What holiday beverages did you all have? Had a nice beefy christmas ale from Avery for the holidays. It was tasty.

   What is in your audio player? I am getting all old school thanks to Scott at work I am rocking out to The Circle Jerks: Golden Shower of Hits. I loved this album as a young punk skater. Brings back all sorts of fond memories.
    Happy New Year Everybody
                    Sampai jumpa lagi


akajamo said...

Happy New Year to you as well. Ashleah and I love to hit the trails on snowshoes. drop me a line sometime and we will go.

Icon O. Classt said...

Damn, damn, damn, everone's getting snow but us! Ground around here has been wet and unfrozen and just plain sloppy for dirt rides.

Just had a cold night and it looks like a trend. Even if we go snowless for a while, at least the ground should be rideable.

Santa's Private Reserve is pretty tasty, huh? Gotta try that Avery.

Nice post and pix. Those trails continue to impress!

rdeleyos said...

Looks a lot like a DC Rob. Seeing the same jacket, I assume it is. Did he move out there, or is he visiting?

Tim Wise said...

James: Yeaa lets hit up a hike sometime. Maybe Big T
Rick: Yeaa that is the same Rob. He was visiting. Him and his wife have been here a couple times now. See you in Napa.