Thursday, August 09, 2007

Rainbow Vision of Salida

   Autumn, Ella and I went up to frolic in Salida a couple weeks ago. We met up with a friend of ours Bill from Boulder who we hadn't seen since we moved to Santa Fe. Amazingly this was our first trip up into Colorado since we moved here. Our friend Todd here in Santa Fe has parents that live there and he has always raved about the trails there. So I finally took his advice and made my way up there. boyy was he right. We were only there for the weekend and it turned out they were putting on the Salida Omnium so hotels were at a premium. Every where you went there was lycra clad folks. unfortunatly the shuttles were all filled up as well. Luckily we met up with Scott and Mark from my work and Scott knew some good rides we could do without hitting the crest. On Saturday we met up with them at there camp and road from camp to bear creek and road that up and hit the Rainbow trail down to a trail called Guts back to town. WHAT A RIDE that was. WOW, much fun. Then the next day we met up south of Poncha Springs for a ride up Silver creek to Rainbow trail back down to 285. WOW WOW what a ride. 2 great rides and we didn't even hit the must do crest ride. I can't wait to go back and ride some more trails there and look at some real estate :)

   Bill,Jessica and I biked down from the hotel to meet Scott and Mark to ride the Bear Creek trail.
Pretty Clouds.Riding along the train tracks. Sort of reminded me of Yoda.

Scott's dog Pebbles wanted to come along but she had to stay behind and guard the camp

Starting the climb up Bear Creek

It was great to ride with Bill again and to meet Jessica. Fun peoples

By the time we got to the Rainbow trail we had got dumped on as you can see by everyone wearing there rain gear

I liked the different forms of smoking they had represented on the sign.

Even wet the rainbow trail was some sweet stuff.

Jessica enjoying the view

I rode Bill's surly for a while so he could test the 29er waters :)

Jessica was not having fun

We stopped to take in the view before taking the Guts trail

A little late on the trigger

On the way back to the hotel we stopped to soak our feets in the Arkansas River

    After a soak it was back to the hotel to clean up and head out to find some food and beer. Every where was packed but we finally found some mediocre pizza. We ate the mediocre pizza and played darts and drank some tasty brews.
   On Sunday since I was needing to get back to Santa Fe in the early evening.Scott thought that we should do the Silver creek to Rainbow ride. Another stellar ride. Man that section of Rainbow trail was incredible.
Loading up Jessica's car

On the beginning of the climb up Silver Creek

All smiles in Salida

Man I couldn't stop taking pictures.

Scott coming down the home stretch toward 285

This was the last single track coming down to the road. It was really fun as you can see on this riders face. I don't know who she was I was waiting for our crew to descend and she came flying by having a blast.

Mark coming through the same spot

I couldn't stop smiling

From the trail Bill and Jessica dropped me off at the Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center to meet up with Ella and Autumn. This day was the first day that Ella went all the way under water.

    Soo much going on in the area right now. The Santa Fe Indian Market is going on this weekend so lots of people in town for that. There is the Santa Fe MTB Fest going on in a few weeks. On the same weekend I will be in Taos riding the Double Boundary . Zozobra is coming to take away all your troubles.And the 14th through the 16th is GITA If you were thinking bout checking the trails that Northern New Mexico has, this is the time people.
    What is in your audio player? I have the new Bad Brains album in mine Build A Nation. I am really digging it. Even though the production from Adam Yauch puts HR's lyrics at a barely audible level.
All right I am off to get a Gelato with Ella.


riderx said...

Looks like sweet riding! Lots of nice pix you got there.

StageWest said...

Nice Tim!
If I could figure out a way to make a living in Salida...............

Some great snowboarding to be had in that area too!

Ed said...

Hey Tim - great report on a favorite riding area of mine. I have yet to do the Guts trails.

I will be missing GITA this year, unfortunately it conflicts with another event I will be attending.

Hope to see you soon!


ssportsman said...

excellent pix and write-up Tim. Can't believe it took you this long to go further north than Taos

guys named scott know the great trails, don't they :D

devin said...

Good stuff some of my favorite, something we could hit when things were wet in breck. Keep up the good work and love the single...


iconoclaSSt said...

Damn, Tim, nice stuff there. Pix are sweet.

Ha, I was in Boulder, CO, near the Flat Irons over the weekend past. Beautiful! Summitted a 13er and a 14er (hiking), but no riding, unfortunately. The MTB trails in and around Nederland looked tempting, but I didn't bring a bike and the time I was there was pretty compressed. I plan to go back and a sample it all.

Boulder is cool, a local brewpub on every corner and lots of indie coffee shops and very cool people. Super-strong bike culture; they even have a Thursday night bar ride where everyone dresses up wicked and pedals freaky bikes through the night.

Gotta get a post up on it soon--lots of pix.

Congrats to your girl on the swimming "first."

In the MP3 player is J Church's most excellent compilation release, Camels, Spilled Corona, and the Sound of Mariachi Bands...brilliant!