Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Otero Gazette

    Finally made it down to Albuquerque for a ride in the East Mountains last weekend. I had the pleasure of meeting up with tres locos bandoleros. They showed me a good ol time. I had the wife and kid drop me off at the tunnel trailhead and they went on to visit some family and go for a swim. We ended up logging in a sweet ride bout 20 miles i think. The trails are sooo much fun in Otero. Took a few snapshots along the route.

Ramon enjoying the Tunnel trail

Bryan looks like he is enjoying his loaner SS 29er

Ramon suffered a flat tire on his Turner


Ramon gettin up

Taking a break is nice

Ramon on the roller that bucked me off my bike

Bryan going up the rock then down the rock. Lots of fun stuff like this on the ride.

Then we went down this FUN trail

Bryan taking a good line

   I met up with a tree on the ride and came away all scratched up. Couple days later i felt like i was in a train wreck.

Luckily Ramon had some beer to sooth the pain.

I need to get down to Albuquerque more often. The trails there are really fun.

    What is in your audio player? I have The new The Sea and Cake album Everybody .I am happy that they went back to a more straight forward album this time as opposed to there last album which was more sparce. I also saw that Pinback is gonna be coming out with a new album soon. I think if this track is any indication of the album it is gonna be sweet.
All right everybody. Don't be a hater

Need Stickers?

                  GOOD DAY TO ALL

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