Saturday, September 01, 2007

Gettysburg of the West

    Back in July, Anthony, Todd and I went to Glorieta for some fantastic mountain biking. Whenever I go riding at Glorieta I feel like there are wild animals about. I still have not seen a bear or a lion though. I know they are out there looking to get me. When we got to the firetower we relaxed for a bit and a couple from Durango came biking up. They were in town and decided to do this ride which was in the guide book they had. They were really nice. Durango must be full of outdoorsey peeps. Anthony took his camera along and took some great shots. I snapped a few as well.

Chatting it up with Todd

Todd coming into town.

I am really concentrating on something

Todd always makes everything else seem mundane

Fun Switchbacks on the top

Anthony stepping out from behind the lens

Gotta love the pine needle section

I love the Broken Arrow view

Anthony on the obligatory rock below broken arrow

I must be going the wrong way

This was one of the riders we met up at the tower from Durango

    So next time you find yourself in the Santa Fe area, be sure to go enjoy some time up on Glorieta Baldy. Make sure you are Bear Aware though. :)
    What is in your audio player? I have been digging in the crates again and busted out a classic cassette. It is Fear: The Record. A classic punk album full of cynisism. Rings true in todays political climate.

   The Vapor Trail 125 is happening this weekend coming up .Sounds like a brutal ride. Ed from CO is doing it. can't wait to read his review. Also like I brought up last post is the 1st annual Santa Fe Mountain Bike fest. Come get your ride on.

               See you

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Matt said...

Need to get out there this year. I only rode there once last season, after spending the prior two out there quite a bit. I still love the descent down Apache Canyon though, and need to explore a route to get back to the Conference Center.