Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence from Corporations

   Happy 4th Everybody! Fuck big business and drink a micro brew. My choice on this fine day is a 2nd Street IPA.

The Fog Rolls In

   As you can see i have been training for The Santa Fe Big Friggin Loop coming up on Saturday the 7th of July.
   I went for a dandy of a ride with JimBeam and Todd. Todd was kind enough to capture some stills from it. We parked at Nuns corner and went up to Chameza and went up to Winsor then up to Pacheco canyon rd. which is the old ski road before there was a hyde park i suppose and is dirt. then we went up to aspen vista and road that up to big T and then descended big t down back to Winsor then up to chameza and then sidewinder out.

Coming up to Pacheco Canyon rd. Todd gets artsy

This is on Aspen Vista rd. this is a super view when the Aspens are changing in the fall

Todd wondering what is going on in there.

This is a nice little meadow on the Big T

Robert and I take a breather

Why I Love it here in Santa Fe

Coming back down the Winsor

A nice place to ponder life

Todd enjoying the trip down to little Tesuque creek

Robert got a flat with less then a mile to go to the cars

We hoisted our heffe weizen to the train.

What would a post be without a Parrot drinking some 2nd Street Pale Ale

   What is in your audio player? After watching American Hardcore I was wanting to get some Teen Idles and thankfully a guy at work hooked me with a copy of Anniversary. SO that is in my player this day.


Yuri said...

quality post and ride

Matt said...

Dude - your camera is all fogged up or something? See ya at the SFBFL!

iconoclasst said...

A perfect day: li'l brown jug, ball o' personal fog, and a sweet ride.


Mrs. Outlaw said...

Looking good sporting the SSOFT jersey. Joe and I were just talking about putting NM on our calendar for next year. Hello to Autumn and Ella!