Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cochiti 45

   Flying the SSO colors in the SouthWest.

    Well I went in with the best intentions to ride the Cochiti 100. As it turned out I had a GREAT day riding just 45 miles. Matt puts on the New Mexico Endurance series and it is a really good time.Well, at least the couple I have done. The next one coming up is The Santa Fe Big Friggin Loop. I am planning on doing this one as well unless I can pull off the FireCracker 50.
Maha Makachut and Stefan were kind enuff to pick me up to drive to Cochiti at 6 in the morning. We got a delayed start and didn't pull into the Dixon Apple Orchard till 7:00 am. As we drove into the orchard we saw all the racers/riders taking off. So we would be riding alone to start. We got all our lycra on and took off for some fun up Dome rd. It is cool that soo many people showed up to ride in this cause it is grass roots with no entry fee and NO FRILLS. All about the RIDE.Ohh yeaa and some beer afterward.

Maka suiting up

Shade is seldom seen on Dome rd.

Stefan enjoying the fine day

Flowers are just coming out everywhere you turn these days

At the Motown-Dome rd. intersection that i went past until the nice guy on the moto that had cleared the trail prior to this event alerted me to the fact that this was the turn. He was saying that he and some other people from Los Alamos had made the trail we were about to ride. Hats off to him and his crew.
Also met up with Scott and Mark here

Stefan flying the Zia

This part of the trail was beautiful riding

Maka coming in for a little respite

Stefan anf MahaMaka enjoying some shade. Stefan said he was done when we got here.

Scott and Mark enjoying the day

On the kick ass descent down Medio Dia I lost my tubesock and Mark amazingly found it. Thanks Mark.
This was the demise of our second lap... ohhh yeaa and Marks ass hurt

I tip my beer to Matt for putting the SUPER fun ride/races together.

So we had a few beers there at the apple orchard and shot the shit. I got to meet Chris who lives in Albuquerque and Loves to ride bikes. He was on a DEAN i think. Hopefully he will take me on a ride soon up Tunnel trail into Otero.
As we were departed Stefan noted the stormy funnel looking cloud to the south as we got closer to 25 it became a full on Tornado. I shot some shots of it. It was incredable to see this in person.

It topped off a GREAT day

Then it said goodbye

   What is in your audio player? I have been really digging on Captain Beefheart: The Spotlight Kid. Also I see that Thurston Moore is gonna be coming out with a solo album soon. I heard a track from it and i was diggin it. Seems he did a bunch of the recording in J Mascis's studio and got him to do some leads on it. I LOVE music.


iconoclasst said...

Nice report; that mini-twister is sweet!

That beer any good? Best I can get around here in a can is Dale's Pale Ale and Old Chub, with the occasional Seahag Pale Ale making a random appearance.

devin said...

go give em hell in breck the fire cracker is a must do.. I am going to miss that one.. first time in 5 years .... I have the sonic b sides good stuff.... shout the fugazi is good shit.. thanks tim

StageWest said...

Hey Tim,
Great pics, especially the twister! We must have just missed that on our way home.

Give a shout when you want to head over to Tunnel/Otero/DC area.

Matt was quoted in the paper last week about recent Otero news. It may take a while longer, but looks like we may be getting back some of those trails Kirtland stole away.

riderx said...

Yeah, looks like sweet trail. 45 is still a good day, especially if you are having fun!

Matt said...

Does a tornado blow, or does it suck?

Good seeing you there Tim and darn fine effort. Thx for the comments too.