Monday, June 04, 2007

Wish My Kitchen Had This View

   Did my first ride of the year up to Glorieta Baldy the other day with Makachut. We had a great ride this day and I can only hope for many more rides of this caliber. There is a trail that goes from Thompson peak which sits next to Glorieta baldy over to Atalaya which I wanna do real soon. I think it would be fun to have someone drop us off and ride from glorieta over to Thompson then over to Atalaya. Lets Do It ! So Mark and I parked at the Baptist Center, there were lots of people there enjoying some Baptist activities, We went up the ghost town trail and up to the Tower and then descended the normal trail down.
2 RIGS in Marks truck, beside Mark's truck is Scott's truck. They got a earlier start.

The start of the ride is really nice climbing through a canyon

Then we stopped at ghost town for a refreshing pause.

I have been riding a IRD carbon fork on the 29er past couple of rides and i can say i enjoy it very much. It took about 2 lbs off the weight of the bike. The carbon really seems to take some of the chatter out of rigid fork riding.

Makachut letting us all know that ONE is all ya need

Then we climbed up into the fire tower for some first class 360 degree views.

Dopers Suck ??????

reluctantly we departed

This is gonna be fun

Always nice to stop here and soak in the views

Mark making it look easy

   The climb up to the fire tower is always a tuffy but it is all erased as you descend to the car. Can't wait to hit again.
   Scott at work was telling me about the meeting he attended put on by the Santa Fe Conservation Trust That gets all kinds of people together that have a stake in trails in the Santa Fe area. They have all kinds of BIG plans for Santa Fe trails. One of which is connecting the Dale Ball North trails to the Nuns corner trails. YOOHOOO . They are gonna get my money and time.
   Coming up this weekend is the Cochiti 100 put on by local Hammerhead Matt, who seems to be winning everything he enters. I think i will give it a try.
   What is in your audio player? I saw the SSO site and he mentioned he was rocking Grinderman. So i picked it up and i am enjoying it. It is Nick Cave in a streamlined format. RAW sort of like Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.


devin said...

Tim you rock thanks man can't wait to get my ears around this stuff.. You work at BTI??? I've got some tunes live pixes agent orange etc let me know. Can't go wrong with the supersuckers..

thanks man

StageWest said...

Hey Tim,
Can you shoot me an email at abqbomb at juno dot com ? I was wondering if you got the gps track for the first cochiti loop from Matt, and if so, can you email it to me?

If I can get my bikes back together, I'm hoping to be out there for 1 or 2 (but not all 3) loops.

Yuri said...

that looks like some mighty fine riding

Matt said...

Het Tim - awesome pics there and yeah I've seen that route, and done much of it from Thopmson to Atalaya. The fire clearing from a couple of years ago might have messed it up though. I've ridden down Apache Canyon and turned uphill at the bottom and rode a ridge right up to watershed - this is a fairly well used trail, until it gets to the watershed rim road. Where they connect trees were cut all to hell and just put down all over the place. I've scouted for the trail to Thompson from here, but could not find - that's not to say it's not there, just in this part it's sketchy.

I'd be up for this adventure if you guys want to do it. But forget the shuttle. We can take the rail trail to el dorado and then the meadows over to Glorietta. ;-) Just say when..

Tim Wise said...

Devin: No problem on the CD, any fan of Fugazi is a friend of mine.:) Yeaa I do work at BTI. So what Butthole Surfers do you have?
Chris: It was great meeting you at Cochiti, Sorry i didn't get back to you before the race on the GPS tracks. I didn't have them.
Yuri: You would love Glorieta, Be glad to show you around there if ya ever come through Santa Fe.Congrats on the impending arrival.
Matt: Of course you would shun the shuttle. Yeaa lets do that this summer sometime. I hope to make it out for the Santa Fe Big Friggin Loop.