Tuesday, July 04, 2006


  I know they say it can make you dizzy. Lose your balance. I had to do it. I finally rode up Aspen Vista to the Radio Tower(12045 ft.). I met Todd at the Borrego trail head and we left his truck there and proceeded to head up the road in my car and park at the Aspen Vista Trail head. From there we ascended Aspen Vista to the Towers then descended down to Big Tesuque took that down to the ol Winsor descended Winsor to Borrego then climbed that back to the car. I must say that Big tesuque from Apspen Vista down to Hyde park is one of the best sections of trail it was only the second time riding it. I need to ride up top more often. Todd brought his camera along so we took a few shots with his cam.
Todd is camera shy he always looks down when I shoot a pic of him.

The road from which we came

A nice spot

Enjoying the view

You can see our first destination(the Towers) up on top of the hill

Back on the bike

Cheater bike

Waiting for the snow

Here is the Big Tesuque trail I quite enjoy

On to new paths

What a ride it was... Preserve your memories. There all that's left you.
  What is in your audio player? I got one of my favorite Dino albums of all time Bug in mine. Thanks to Todd for burning it for me since I only had it on Old School Cassette. I Hope everyone had a Nice July 4th.
  Ken Lay is dead. Cheney said they didn't really know him to well. Bawaaaa!

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Freewheel said...

Looks like it was a beautiful ride.