Tuesday, July 11, 2006


      On the 4th of July Jay and I got to practice our Independence from our family's and go out for a ride. So to celebrate our independence from Britain we decided to ride the Winsor. We drove up Hyde Park and parked at the Chameza trail head and boyyy was it packed. Tourist season is here everybody. We did the ol Chameza- Winsor- Borrego- Bear Wallow- Winsor- Chameza- Sidewinder run and man was it a nice ride. Not much pics were taken but trust me when I say it was a nice ride.The GPS stats for our ride are here. well here are a few pics from the ride.

Jays bike all tech and what not

Do you see the biker at Bear Wallow?

My Race Face?!

Ahhhhhh Sidewinder

   A friend of mine from Jackson Hole wanted to check in on the blog with some dank shots from a ride he did right from his house in town I believe it was an area known as Phillips Canyon here are a couple shots from his ride.

   Those look like killer trails I need to get back up there soon fo sho! Hopefully B-Rad will check in more often with Ride reports
    What is in your audio player? I got Modest Mouse- This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About in mine. This was the first Modest Mouse album I was turned on to. Did you all see that Syd Barrett died today? He was a trip. Peace to you.
   Got a nice SSolo ride in today playing around in the DB south area. I hope everyone got to do what they wanted today.


hamad said...

looks like a good fourth...Death Angel's latest album the Art of Dying...a damn good metal band from the eighties, when they knew what a guitar solo was...


StageWest said...

Hey Ssweet,
I rode Winsor for the first time Fri. bottom to top and back.

After the first 5 miles climbing, I was wishing for 32:19 instead of the 32:17 I was running. Great climb and a lot more challenging than I thought it was going to be.

You ever run your 26-inch wheels on that? What gearing is best?

Tim Wise said...

Yeaa Chris. I have ridden from 72a to the ski area(I guess that isn't the real top) and back on my 26 inch wheels with 36/18 when i first got here. Then I switched my gearing to fit in more with being in the mountains to 34/18.

StageWest said...

I also just climbed to the bottom of the ski area (10 miles), so not the real top either!

The 34/18 you're running on your 26-inch wheeled bike is still about 49 gear inches, but I'm sure you're a strong climber with all the steep stuff in and around SF that you ride regularly. I need to work on getting stronger on the climbs. For some reason, during summer, I always feel crappy riding, but during Spring and Fall it's like I'm a whole new rider. Go figure!

Thanks for the input.