Thursday, March 09, 2006

La Glorieta Pass

Wow! I love Glorieta.I never knew that there was a Civil War battle there. I always thought the Civil War was fought in the East.
  Anthony and I went on a great ride up there the other day. We parked in the Baptist center and biked up to ghost town and beyond to Thompson Peak. Then we descended down beautiful single track to the Baptist center. A delightful romp in the woods! Here are some pics.
Anthony rolling through a stream.

The whole first half of the ride is Climbing.

There are a few breaks in the climbing
We always enjoy this little bump

Little stop at the ghost town

Shot of Anthony's nice new Drivetrain, tire, Chainring, and brakes.

Where we are all headed.

I need to get a better tire for these dry conditions out here.

Anthony getting the most from his ride

This is where the ghost town trail meets up with the fireroad 63A that we have climbed up before.

And some more climbing....

We get to the top of Glorieta Baldy and I figure we are done the climbing. Anthony on the other hand decides we should head over to Thompson Peak. Sounded good to me. We didn't think it would drop down as far as it did before we had to ascend back up to the peak. It was a sweet section of trail though. Could use some cleaning though.

Here is a pile of rocks marking Thompson Peak.

There were some great sections of trail through trees

Then it was back to Glorieta Baldy at the Fire Lookout.

From here it is mostly real fun downhill run for 10 miles. It starts with these tight switchbacks on real loose rocky stuff.

Then it becomes more smooth type of trail for a while. Real fast

After riding in the pines like that it gets real fun with trail rolling through and over big boulders and rock stuff.It is soooo fun it feels like you are really out in the wilderness. When we come home we always pass by this closed gas station that has old prices listed on the sign. Makes you wish for those days.

Man speaking of gas and cars and whatnot. I have never seen as many Subaru's I have seen here in Santa Fe. I bet per capita there are more here then anywhere else.
What is in your audio player? I gots Bob Dylan- The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan in.Speaking of Dylan I rented the Dylan movie that Scorsese did called No Direction Home again. I think I need to buy it.


DT said...

That last pic of you carving is great!

Mrs. Outlaw said...

Tim, love all the pix you post. Hopefully one day we'll make it out your way to ride some of those trails! Tell Autumn "HI!".

Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels on a Gravel Road. Good stuff!


StageWest said...

Do you know what gearing Anthony is using and his crank length?
I've got a Ti frame with identical geometry to his that I'm building up and looking for a place to start with the gearing. I'm in abq and a fairly strong rider.

Tim Wise said...

Stagewest- I can't remember what he is using. I have a 26 inch wheeled bike that i have 34:18. I think that Anthony is using a 34:20 and his cranks are 175. Lets ride when you get it built up.
Mrs Outlaw-Good to hear from you Julie. You and Joe are welcome ANYTIME and would both love this town.
DT- I have always loved carving shots as well.

Matt said...

Hey SSweatleaf!

Thanks for the comments on my blog. Awesome shots of GB-Thompsen. The riding out there is great, eh? We'll have to hookup sometime for a ride sometime. Also, I've been searching for the Arroyo Hondo passageway with no luck, and I seem to recall in one of your posts you found it....I usually just hump it back over Atalaya!!

Also on the tire comment - I'm running 34x18 on my 26er and use a 2.35 Schwalbe Fat Albert with 23-psi. I'll run 1.95/2.0 on a geared bike so that is really fat for me...but that tire hooks up very well 4 me at least.


Tim Wise said...

Yeaa that tire looks nice. I am in desperate need of a tire like that for the 29er. Tell me if you find something nice for your 29er. Maybe you could show me that Cedro stuff sometime. Later, Tim