Friday, March 24, 2006

Dorothy Stewart is nice!

  I didn't like her art much, But I love her trail.
  Spring is here everyone. With it comes later days and WARM temps. Ahhhhhh I must say that I like the warmer temps. All though I do like to play in the snow as well. We just didn't get much snow to speak of here this winter. The last few rides I have been on have been SSweet we have been parking at the Wilderness Gate parking and heading down the road to the Dorothy Stewart trail which ends up meeting up with the Dale Ball South trails. The trail is a great starting trail as it doesn't start with a ball buster climb right out of the gate.
  I signed up for the Santa Fe century I spoke of last post. I am now committed. It will be my first century ride. Is anyone else doing this ride? I think I better dust off the Canondale since I haven't ridden it since we got here.
  A friend(Jay) that I ride bikes with here in Santa Fe is selling these Garmin GPS units that are INSANE they do everything. If you are looking for a GPS unit he sells them for cheaper than anywhere you can find on the internet. I have a link to the Garmin on my sidebar click on it and check it out. I am saving my duckets as we speak. I want one by the time I do the Santa Fe century. I love that you can use the motion based mapping software and watch a dot roll through the loop you have done at the pace you did it.   Here are some pics from a ride or 2 from Dorothy Stewart to Atalaya than down to the Arroyo.

It's all climbing in the beginning as usual in Fanta Se

A close up of my tire tread that doesn't work to well in the dry loose stuff.

Wow! Think you could climb up or come down this?

Anthony's Formula brakes

The descending part is nice

Ahh! Santa Fe switchbacks

Nice spot to take a load off

This ends Dorothy Stewart part 1
What is in your audio player? I have The White Stripes- De Stijl in my player.
Lets all go ride bikes.


Tubeular Visions said...

Ben Harper "both sides of the gun"I rode fixed gear the fortythree miles to Record and Tape Traders Towson for it,on Friday,Schweet!

d_nice said...

Wudup dawg? We'll miss you at the punk bike enduro this sat. I'm gonna GPS the route, and export it to google earth. I'll send you the link. I'm still using the etrex vista, but lusting after the Edge. Miranda's toys come first now. Adios cabron.

Tim Wise said...

Hey what's up? Good to hear from ya. How is Miranda? Yeaa kids take up some $$. When you bringin that vulture out here? Doing a century soon down the Turquoise Trail.Peace