Saturday, December 03, 2005

This day in history

1901: Theodore Roosevelt, in a speech to the house of representatives, kicks off his effort to curb the power of business trusts.
I guess he didn't really succeed.He seemed like a good guy though.I wish Bush would be more like him.
I was reading the new Dirt Rag and came across the Access Action section and it has a article about Gary Sprung. I really liked what he had to say about more moderate forms of land protection. It seems to me we all should be waging our battle against the Goverment and big buisness to stop this seemingly unending destruction of our natural space. Instead of battling against other trail users.Enough Politricks.
What is in your audio player today? I am listening to Fela Kuti- Best of Fela Kuti
I hope everyone had a delightfull week. Winter has finally arrived here it seems.I went on a ride on Wednesday to Dale Ball with Anthony and Jay. We met up at the Sierra Del Norte parking lot.We thought it would be good to start on the north side first thinking that gets the most sun.The trails where a blast.A good bit of the trail was covered in snow and parts where completly dry.We ended up getting a full loop in. I was late for work though. Just by a few minutes.It was worth it. I shot a few shots of the ride.
This first shot is of a switchback on Dale Ball north

Jay in the shadows

this is a sweet rock garden that is a challenge to make it through
keep your cadence!

i like this picture it is Anthony on the Dale Ball south section that has a lot of good rock ledge type of stuff. Real fun.

a Chris King hub+some retro neon action

This is coming up upper canyon road to connect back up with the central part

The IF catching some rays

OK i am off to make blueberry pancakes with Ella then off to work. Peace!

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