Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Fall is in full swing

Hey there.Another week has passed here in Santa Fe.Today is Tuesday and we dropped my parents off at the Albuquerque airport this afternoon.Luckily we got back in time for me to go ride Dale Ball with Jay.
Before we dropped off my parents we dropped in the Frontier for lunch.It was a perfect ending to a visit to the Southwest.They came and visited us for a week from Baltimore Maryland.I didn't get to ride my bike for a whole week.Man that was TUFF :( We actually had a really good time.So here are a few shots from the touristy type stuff we did.
you must always start a journey with a cup of Joe.This pic is from the Downtown Subscription

We then headed up Canyon Road there are TONS of gallery's up this road it is insane.
This one makes me want to take a bath

Then we headed up to show them Taos.We hit the Sanctuary de Chamayo.According to legend the dirt from this hole in the church has healing powers and no matter how many visitors take dirt, the hole never gets any deeper.

So we rubbed some dirt on our bodies and continued on up to Taos.Where we finally got to go see Taos Pueblo It is a really cool place to check out.

This stream behind Ella is there only source of water.

then we rounded out the day with dinner at Joseph's Table

Also during there visit we made it to Bandelier National Monument

Stairway to Heaven

and as the sun sets here i bid you all good day or night.

Give Thanks
This looks like a nice Climb.

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