Tuesday, November 15, 2005

33 degrees in the shade

Hey there everybody! It has been a good week here in NewMex.Monday i picked up Jay and we rode Chamisa down to sidewinder to burn to winsor back to chamisa. Man what a ride. Of course i didn't take the camera but believe me when i say the sidewinder trail is incredible. Great trail with sweet views to boot. I am hoping to get up there again before it gets snowed in. If i do i promise to take some shots. I met up with Robert today at 3:30 at the Cristo Rey church and we set out to ride some Dale Ball action. We got up to the trailhead and his Shimano hydraulics where hardly braking at all.So off i went on my own. I had my camera with me so i took a few shots and then of course within the first couple miles the batteries died. ohh well its all good.I finally am getting 40 hours a week at work which is good and bad at the same time.I hope everyone is getting out and doing what they love as much as possible.i think we are gonna hit this next year.
this is driving to the trail today...

this is preride shot

Robert coming down hill and saying he is bailing on the ride cause of brake problems

some random shots from the camera before the batteries died

The shadow knows



Tubeular Visions said...

Damn dude that place looks sooooo groomed.

Tim Wise said...

yeaa it def is ... the pics are only from the first 2 miles of it. It gives you some good tech stuff later on after the initial climbing. Hope all is well with ya in Whitehall