Friday, November 25, 2005

Anatomy of a Bike commute

Hey everybody. Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. I volunteer'd to work on Thanksgiving because it was double time and it was only a 10-4 shift. I decided it would be a great day to ride my bike to work.The great thing about the hood we live in is there is a trail called the spur trail that connects to the Santa Fe rail trail. So i can ride the 3.4 mile spur trail to the Santa Fe rail trail which runs from the center of Santa fe to a town called Lamy.What that means is i can ride all trail right to my work at whole foods on cerrillos rd in town. I decided to take some shots of my maiden voyage.It is almost 9 miles one way.

This is the beginning of the Spur trail

This is the Sign for the Spur trail.

Here is a shot right where the Spur trail meets the Santa Fe rail trail. One thing i like about the rail trail in Santa Fe is that it actually has ups and downs on it

Random shot

bike parked at work..i know i know it has gears

Some random shots coming home with nice sunset

Almost against the sunset

Home in time for a nice turkey dinner


Tubeular Visions said...

Sweet pics Sweet Leaf,looks killer!
Happy "T" dog day

Tim Wise said...

Yeaa post some more detailed pics of your Bianchi soon.Yeaa you and Amelia should come out here sometime. You both would love it. Peace