Friday, December 30, 2011

Starving Weirdos coastal séance

Messing with Anthony's picture

Couple more rides. One of which was with Anthony and we got snowed on up high. It was fantastic ride in October. Anthony snapped some shots as well. The shots of me are by him

Up close and personal

Popping out to Hyde Park rd at Pacheco canyon

Anthony just above the Winsor on Sarah's Trail

In September I got the chance to ride with an out of towner up at Taos. David was a great guy to ride with and I hope I get the chance again.

Coming back down to the car at Nogal. I love Taos trails

The trails have been rather muddy and snowy with only the winter time trail spots going on. Been having to head down to Albuquerque lately

What's in your audio player? Love these take away shows. Been enjoying his latest album