Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Tea or Coffee?

COFFEE of course
   Java Joes is roasting their own bean now and we are digging it over here at casa Wise

   Some past rides up to the tippy top of Santa Fe happened on the tail end of summer here One ride a while ago was with Brett to go see the damage from the Pacheco fire first hand. Parked at the bottom of Pacheco Canyon road and went up to the ski hill road and then took that up to the upper rio en medio and then took the nambe trail back over to rio en medio then the cutover back to the car at Pacheco Canyon road. It was insane the water damage that was caused once the fire took out any from of stability form the river banks. Got a couple pictures non of which really capture the feeling.
Great ride though
We saw no evidence of fire til we started to descend towards the nambe from the saddle. Then we got down to the nambe river and it was just crazy. Lots of hike a bike through big damned up areas of big trees.

This was one of the only areas that had a big burn area on the whole nambe section we took. Most all the other damage was just huge erosion

Anyone who has been to this juncture knows that the railroad tie that is here was just a curb height drop below it. Now it is like 4 ft.

   Did a shuttle ride with Matt, Robert and Todd. We met at nun's corner and proceeded to pile into Todd's truck and drove up to Aspen Vista rd. We rode up Aspen Vista to Ravens and then descended that and the Winsor down to Chamiza and then sidewinder back out to the cars.

This was the first time I was seeing some of the burn area.

Sometimes on Ravens Ridge the barbed wire is uncomfortably close

Decisions decisions... lets stay on Rio en Medio

Todd coming to the top of a climb on Sidewinder that is not as wimpy as it looks in this picture

When we got back to nuns corner we drove back to the shuttle vehicle up at Aspen Vista trai lhead and enjoyed some fine beverages. Great day on the bike

   A little later I hit up Ravens Ridge with Matt. It was a fantastic ride

Matt right as you get to the barbed wire fence

We stopped here for a snack just after you drop onto Rio en Medio trail off of the upper Winsor

Then like the other shuttle ride we drove back up to Aspen Vista to retrieve Matts car and have a beer

Then the family and I went to Zozobra to get rid of some unfinished gloom we were all holding onto.

   What is in your audio player? I am liking the latest from Cass McCombs. I have enjoyed his stuff ever since Ben hooked me with Catacombs.


Matt said...

I hope those trails get some love and attention. It would be horrible to loose that Rancho Viejo loop after the fire. Did you guys take Tr. 179 our of there?

Tim Wise said...

Yeaa Matt, we took 179 out. and then of course took the killer cutover back to Pacheco that you told me about. Thanks

DMC said...

Tim I want to come and play/party with you down in the land of Zia.
Today may have been my last single track day with winter coming.

Tim Wise said...

Hell yeaa Devin, Would love to hook up and ride. Let me know if you are rolling through.

kublador said...

Merry Christmas!

SingleSpeedMike said...

That looks a lot of fun! Where are you guys? It's certainly a lot sunnier than we normally get in Scotland...

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