Sunday, August 21, 2011

This Day Will Never Happen Again

A bit ago I hooked up with Mr. Glatz and his friend Liam and Good ol Brett for a ride in Taos. It turned out to be a fantastic ride with stops at multiple food and drink establishments afterward.

If you've been here you love this meadow

We pretty much separated from Todd and Liam during the initial climb and did not see them til Nogal at the end of the ride
Brett in the aspens

Brett enjoying the last part of the South Boundary trail chunk

Then after a stop for some margaritas and then some fish tacos from Guadalajara's we stopped by this brewery on the way home in Embudo

Then the following week I rode once again with Todd. This time him and I drove down to the foothills in Albuquerque because everything else was closed due to the multiple fires happening We had the pleasure of hooking up with Kino and Anthony.

This is the smoke from the Las Conchas fire. From my neighborhood

Todd and 40 behind him

Kino enjoying the day

Then I think it was the weekend after that Todd an I went down to hit up some tunnel/Otero action cause everything up our way was still closed. I snapped a couple shots there.
Todd on tunnel

Love this gate on 14. I wonder where it leads

What's in your audio player? Got some Bon Iver up in mine

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mycouponbasket said...

Indeed. This day shall be long lived and cherished. Hope you had a great time. Keep it up.