Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

The 24 hours of The Enchanted Forest happened a few weeks ago and it was killer. It was the first time I took the family with me to a 24 hour race and it was awesome having them there.
The Wise Campsite

It was pretty nice camping right on the race course

Jeff is waiting for you to take a seat

our neighbors Lee and family

This would be Isaac BURLEY

Los Lobos Cycles

This young girl played the Star Spangled Banner on the sax for us to start the race

Jeff coming and Brian going

Brett joined us at the last minute. As of Friday we were going to just race with 3 of us since one of our team mates( Anthony) broke his shoulder and could not race with us. Brett stepped in at the last minute and had to singlefy his geared ride. Way to step up Brett. Here Brett displays not only his off the bike fashion of wearing PJ's everywhere but also one of his secret weapons the lactate dissolving torture vice (patent pending).

Jeff wondering who the hell just stepped foot into our camp. It would be the one and only FiftyWinkle

Leia from Santa Fe on her way to winning solo female

Ella filmed me coming in from my 2nd lap

Lee heading out for some night action

The pumpkin will light your way

Nighttime can be lonely with only the lantern to warm you

With the sun rose Ella and our spirits

Brett crossing the line to finish Team Xrx's 24 Hours In The Enchanted Forest

A back of the pack racer coming across the line for the last time

Met Darin I think that was his name at the tradeshow last year. Really cool guy from a shop called The Gear Exchange in Glenwood Springs in Co. They were all racing on Puglsy's and having a blast.

Dom, Lee, Isaac, and Aaron took 1st place and didn't get their Winners mugs cause they made a mistake in the results and the team that they called up there that they thought won took the mugs and didnt't bring them back. WEAK

For the race I changed my gear form a 32/20 on my 29er to a 32/18 It was perfect for the race for me. I have kept it on and have been enjoying it back here in Santa Fe too. Right before the race I got one ride in on the 18 tooth to make sure it would work for me. I did Aspen Vista and Ranvens Ridge and then rio en medio to winsor to sidewinder. Killer ride Went with Tony and Nel. Great day on the bikes

The views on Deception are stellar

Nell was owning the descents

Of course the irishman was enjoying Ravens Ridge

Tony and Nell discussing the finer points of eyewear

exit stage left

Can't wait to play glassrock again

Was asking my mom about this bakery in Baltimore that my friend Eric had told me about called Dangerously Delicious Pies that he said was super good. She hadn't been there yet but said she would hit it up next time she was in the area. About 2 weeks later a BaltimoreBomb showed up at my door. It was insane. Thanks again MOMS

What is in your audio player? I am digging this video from Washed Out


mesa dui lawyer said...

An unforgettable competition. Not only a contest but a day to relax and unwind.

ssportsman said...

Very nice, Tim! makes me miss New Mexico

DMC said...

tim next time in Taos find my brother and take him out for a ride he would love it...

as always things look fun..

Mark Gee said...

Love playing glass rock

bike dog said...

NICE TIM! seconds sweet

Anonymous said...

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